Blueprint Enterprise 5.3 Update 2 Now Available!

Pharos is happy to announce the latest update to Blueprint Enterprise! This update includes security updates, administrative improvements, and several new features, including a new Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) service, offline printing, expanded screen reader support, improved quota management, and expanded delegate printing functionality.

New Features In This Release Include:

  • The new Pharos IPP Service provides driverless secure printing from macOS, iOS, and Linux devices via the Internet Printing Protocol over an encrypted connection. This service supports the full printing experience: paper size selection, double-sided print mode, color or black and white printing, page ranges, multiple copies, and other popular finishing options.
  • Offline support: Blueprint is designed with resiliency in mind. If the database or server is not available, users can still print securely. Print users are still able to authenticate at secured devices, release their documents, and access other device functions like copy, scan, and fax. When services come back online, the system recovers gracefully. Offline transactions are forwarded to the database—no printing data is ever lost.
  • Blueprint’s lightweight HTML Policy Print messages were very popular, so we’ve added this Electron-based system for all client applications, including Print Scout authentication. There is no longer any need for Microsoft® Silverlight. The new web client complies with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) for screen reading software and other OS-level accommodations for vision-restricted users.
  • Improved quota management: To prevent excessive printing, customers can set monthly limits on the number of pages that employees or groups can print and copy. Quotas can be shared by all employees, specific groups, or specific individuals.
  • Improved delegate printing: You can now customize search description text, disable email notifications, and set initial defaults for assigning delegates (manual or automatic).

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