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Pharos Cloud Education Edition is an ISO 27001 certified, cloud-native Print Management solution designed to enhance productivity, recover costs, and ensure security in the dynamic landscape of modern education.

  • Pharos Cloud enhances the printing experience for users by making it easy for students and faculty to print from wherever they are.
  • Reduce training requirements with a consistent print experience across workstations and mobile devices to print devices—regardless of manufacturer.
  • Enables users to submit print jobs from any network to a single print queue, and release at any secured device that’s convenient.
  • Users can easily manage print jobs and track activity history through the End User Portal.
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pharos uniprint

Uniprint is a robust and configurable print management solution helping improve printing efficiency, enhance document security, and optimize your campus-wide print environment. Uniprint is a single system with the flexibility to manage your entire print ecosystem by supporting different equipment manufacturers, mobile platforms and workstation environments. Enable students and staff to easily manage their accounts and print from any platform, while holding them accountable for their printing by accurately and easily charging back for their printing and copying.

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in savings per year

“After installing Pharos, student questions and complaints about printing fell dramatically. This was a huge relief for us.”

“We committed to our CIO to save $5 million dollars per year on printing and this was a slam dunk after working with Pharos. Our team’s goal is now closer to $10 million per year.”

“With Pharos, NIU has achieved an annual cost savings of 40-45% when compared to our baseline. This translates into annual savings of $1.05M per year. This has been a huge win for NIU.”

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