Support the Printing Needs of Your Hybrid Workforce


user frustration with a consistent print experience


employees on printing best practices, and create a print-aware culture


your workforce to print from wherever they are working

What Our Customers Say

“It’s interesting to see our printing trends evolve with this capability. More and more employees are printing from their phones and we expect this trend to increase.”

Old Way

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    Unmonitored at-home printing costs

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    Separate processes for each printer manufacturer

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    Daily Help Desk calls to set up or debug printer issues

With Pharos Cloud

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    Gain insights to understand the level of at-home printing costs, and enable options to reduce expenses

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    A familiar and consistent experience to employees’ home printers with a universal print driver that supports all manufacturers

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    Remote employees can easily add and print to personal printers on their home network without administrative control of their workstations

Let Printing Be Simple and Hassle-free

Provide employees convenient ways to submit prints from anywhere

  • Submit prints from any network and retrieve on any secured device

    Enable remote employees to submit print jobs from any network, from their mobile device, workstation, or Chromebook—and release documents at any Pharos-enabled printer.

  • Reduce Help Desk Calls

    Reduce user frustration and Help Desk calls with a consistent and intuitive user experience across platforms to printers—regardless of manufacturer.

  • Delegate Print

    Remote (and in-office) workers can conveniently delegate colleagues to print documents on their behalf.

Maintain Document Security and Compliance

Secure print workflows protect the entire printing process.

  • Print, Authenticate, Release

    Prevent sensitive information from being left unattended at the print device with secure print workflows that require owner authentication at the device to release print jobs.

  • Create a Secured Printing Environment

    Secure the entire printing process with a cloud platform that eliminates print server vulnerabilities, secures the workstation to printer print paths with end-to-end encryption, and supports zero trust security principles.

Understand Printing Behavior to Optimize Print Operations

Monitor and track what’s being printed outside the office—even on personal, locally-attached devices

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  • Visibility into Printing Habits

    Gain full visibility into where and how prints are being created across the organization—even personal or locally attached devices—to identify opportunities for cost reduction.

  • View Key Metrics and Trends

    View key metrics and trends of your print environment to optimize print for the shifting workforce.

  • Build a Culture of Responsible Printing Habits

    Educate and inform employees on responsible printing habits and enforce organizational policies for remote workers at the point of print submission.

Cloud Infrastructure Has Many Benefits

Apply them to your print ecosystem


Minimal up-front investment


Subscription pricing model


Automatic software updates


Effortless scalability


No print servers to manage


Simple configuration

Optimize Print with Pharos

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