Are print jobs stored in the cloud?

With Pharos Cloud’s Secure Release workflow, a copy of a print job is temporarily stored in the cloud if the cloud backup option is enabled. This allows the print job to be released even if the originating workstation is offline or does not have network line of sight to the printer by routing it to the printer through another available Print Scout. Organizations can prevent print jobs from being stored in the cloud by not enabling cloud backup. In this case, however, the user will not be able to release the job if the originating workstation is offline or does not have network line of sight to the printer.

For non-Print Scout submissions (iOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, Linux), the document will always be stored in the Pharos Cloud.

Pharos Cloud’s licensable Data Privacy and Regional Document Storage capability helps global organizations adhere to local data privacy and data sovereignty requirements by providing 21 different global regions where Administrators can control 1) what print job information is collected for reporting purposes and 2) where Secure Release print jobs are stored in the cloud at rest.


Can I customize how my Pharos Insights views, or is there a universal, preset view?

Yes, you can create custom views in Pharos Insights, which enables you to decide which data you want to surface according to what’s most relevant. You can also organize data to match your workflow, making it easier to manage and intuitive.


Can I customize the Chromebook invite message to my employees?

Yes. The email invite is a template. You can invite yourself, update the email message, and then distribute to your employees.


Can I mass-deploy the extension to employees?

Yes! As an IT admin, you can distribute the extension pre-configured via your Google Administration console.


Can Pharos Secure Release work with mobile devices?

Yes. Because Pharos Release works in a cloud environment, it can support a variety of devices and operating systems. This means iOS, Android, and other operating systems can be used to submit print jobs, giving employees the freedom to initiate the printing process from wherever they are—at or away from their desks. Mobile devices can also be used to release print jobs via QR code scan.


Can Policy Print be used with Pharos Print-at-Home?

Yes. The Policy Print capability is supported on Pharos Print-at-Home, enabling you to enforce company print policies and educate users on mindful printing practices at the point of print submission to reduce printing costs for employees’ at-home printing.


Can you control what data gets collected?

Yes, admins have the ability to choose the user data they collect by region (document name, user name, department, etc).


Can you lock down individual features (scan/copy/fax) on Canon MFDs?

Admins can either lock down or enable access to all Canon MFD functionality, but not lock down individual applications such as copy, scan, or fax.


Can you lock down individual features (scan/copy/fax) on HP MFDs?

Yes, Admins can lock down or enable individual functions to authenticated users such as Copy, Scan, or Fax on HP


Can you lock down individual features (scan/copy/fax) on Konica Minolta MFDs?

Admins have the ability to enable public access to Copy and Scan capabilities on KM MFDs.

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