Common Vulnerabilities Associated
with Print Infrastructure

Even after action is taken to secure printers, the IT infrastructure (the print servers, queues, and drivers) may also be insecure.

Print Queue Vulnerabilities

Print queues are created as shared resources in a traditional Windows environment, opening the entire network to unnecessary risks.

A cloud-based print management solution eliminates print servers and shared print queues, eliminating these risks.

Print Drivers

Many vendor drivers utilize SNMP for print queue configuration, which is insecure and vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks through file replacement, proxy monitoring, or other means.

Attackers can potentially gain the ability to compromise the integrity of the server and provide the base for lateral movement and privilege escalation across the network. Eliminating vendor drivers removes this attack surface.

Human Error

Employee negligence is one of the most mundane, yet common security risks—people often leave printed documents lying in the printer tray unattended for anyone to copy, read, and steal.

A secure print workflow prevents sensitive information from being left unattended at the device and getting into the wrong hands by requiring owner authentication at the print device to release prints.

  • Protecting data with end-to-end encryption

  • Performing regularly scheduled vulnerability testing and proactive patch management

  • Isolating data within the cloud using a tiered application structure that leverages zero knowledge encryption so bad actors cannot access your secured data

  • Ensuring authorized organization access by controlling access to print devices and making sure that communications are only initiated from authorized endpoints to the cloud

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