Overcoming the Challenge of Print Driver Management in the Modern Enterprise

Pharos Direct Print simplifies driver management by reducing the number of print drivers that need to be managed.

The advanced IPP-Everywhere driver for Windows uses the IPP Everywhere standard, allowing workstations to print to networked printers without vendor-specific software. This driver supports a wide range of devices and offers a more consistent print and finishing experience.

Administrators can also load manufacturers’ print drivers into Pharos Cloud to support advanced workflows. With Pharos Direct Print, organizations can deploy the advanced IPP-Everywhere driver for most users while using manufacturers’ drivers only where needed, thus reducing the number of drivers to be managed and supporting zero trust principles.

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Manage Company-wide Printing from the Cloud

Secure, direct-to-printer workflow in the cloud eliminates the need for managing on-premises print infrastructure and simplifies driver management

Direct-to-Printer Workflows in the Cloud

Migrate your in-office, direct-to-printer workflows to the cloud to eliminate costly print servers, freeing up resources.

IPP Everywhere Print Driver

Pharos’ IPP print driver supports thousands of printer models across all manufacturers—from low-end single-function printers to large, departmental MFPs. Support the full functionality of your print devices by uploading device-specific drivers to your tenant in Pharos Cloud, and set and enforce default print settings.

Enhance Security, Free Up Resources

As a cloud solution, there are no extra servers to install or manage. Not only does this allow you to free up IT resources (less infrastructure management), it also allows you to eliminate print server vulnerabilities, protect data with end-to-end encryption, and support zero trust security principles with a secure, cloud platform.

Old Way

  • A room filled with expensive print servers

  • Manual updates to each manufacturer’s print driver

  • Heavy reliance on the Help Desk for printer support

With Pharos Direct Print

  • A cloud-based printing solution that removes the need for numerous print servers

  • A universal IPP print driver that works with thousands of printer models

  • Simplify driver deployment by automatically adding and removing print queues based on the network location of the workstation

Easy to Administer, Easier to Use

Support your workforce with the traditional direct-to-printer experience they are familiar with


Location-based printing

Enable employees to view available direct printers at their current location, and even automatically add or remove print queues based on the network location of their workstation.

Consistent Across Manufacturers

Reduce user training with manufacturers’ universal print drivers or Pharos’ IPP driver to provide a common print experience across your multi-vendor fleet

Intuitive Admin Interface

Pharos Direct Print offers IT professionals an easy to learn and use interface that saves time and headache.

How Pharos Direct Print Helps Reduce Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Improve your enterprise cybersecurity posture with a secure cloud platform that supports zero trust security principles.

Eliminate Print Server Vulnerabilities

Print servers are vulnerable to exploits. Eliminate print servers and print server vulnerabilities.


End-to-End Encryption

Protect data by encrypting data both in transit and at rest.


Built on the Secure Pharos Cloud

Pharos Cloud delivers a robust and highly-secure cloud service with an architecture that supports zero trust security principles.


Why should I migrate my enterprise printing to the cloud?

Managing traditional print infrastructure is time- consuming and costly. With Pharos Direct Print, you can eliminate print servers, simplify print driver deployment and management, and reduce printing costs—all while enabling employees to print in a secure an familiar way to your existing printer fleet.


What platforms does Pharos Direct Print support?

Pharos Direct Print provides a consistent user experience across all Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS devices, and supports all IPP printers, regardless of manufacturer.


Where is the data stored?

Direct Print jobs don’t go to the cloud. Instead, they’re sent directly to the printer via IPPS/IPP. Only job metadata is collected, encrypted, and sent to Pharos Cloud for analytics. You have total control over what gets collected so you can adhere to local data privacy and data sovereignty requirements.


How does Pharos Direct Print enhance security?

Pharos Direct Print enables employees to print securely by eliminating print server vulnerabilities , securing data with end-to-end encryption, and supporting zero trust security principles.


How does Pharos’ IPP print driver improve productivity?

Pharos’ advanced IPP driver supports thousands of printer models and provides your employees with a consistent print experience to your multi-vendor fleet to reduce user training and Help Desk troubleshooting time.


Is adding direct print devices a time-consuming process?

Not at all. Once in Pharos Cloud, enabling a printer for Direct Print is as simple as checking a box. On the user side, print queues can be automatically added or removed based on the network location of the users’ workstation.

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