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Pharos: Redefining Success as a Certified B Corp

Pharos, a trailblazing Certified B Corp, stands at the forefront of a global movement. We’re not just about profits; we’re about purpose. Benefit corporations like us voluntarily raise the bar, embracing higher standards of transparency, accountability, and ecological performance. Our mission? To inspire and challenge businesses worldwide—not only to be the best in the world but to be the best for the world. 🌎🌿

At Pharos, we value stewardship—an ethic that guides responsible resource management. Our commitment extends beyond efficiency and security enhancements. We empower informed employees, fostering mindful and sustainable printing behaviors. As our impact grows, we exemplify what it means to be a benefit corporation. 🌿🖨️

Old Way

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    Traditional print operations rely heavily on paper, leading to deforestation and resource depletion. The production, transportation, and disposal of paper contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

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    Print servers, copiers, and printers consume significant energy. These devices often remain powered on even during idle periods, wasting electricity. Additionally, outdated hardware generates electronic waste (e-waste) when discarded.

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    Traditional print workflows can be inefficient, resulting in unnecessary printing. Employees often print more pages than needed, leading to paper waste.

With Pharos Cloud

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    By transitioning to cloud-based printing, organizations reduce paper usage, conserve forests, and minimize their carbon footprint.

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    Cloud-based solutions reduce the need for traditional print servers, curbing energy consumption and e-waste production.

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    When transitioning print operations to the cloud, organizations gain insights and access controls, reducing unnecessary printing and promoting sustainability.

Sustainability Trends Infographic

Unlocking Sustainability: Key Insights from Quocirca’s Study

In Quocirca’s Sustainability Market Trends Study 2023, the urgency to implement sustainability strategies is growing, significantly influencing print infrastructure decisions. As stakeholders across senior and mid-management exert greater influence over sustainability initiatives, buyers now have high expectations of supplier and device performance.

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Key Findings from Sustainability Study:

Environmental Impact Matters:

  • Importance of Supplier Impact: Seven in ten decision-makers emphasize that suppliers must demonstrate reduced environmental impact.
  • Tracking Supplier Performance: Notably, 69% of businesses formally track their print supplier’s environmental performance.
  • Data Gap: Despite the focus on sustainability, decision-makers struggle to access relevant data from vendors about printer and MFP environmental impact.

Business and Sustainability Alignment:

  • Business Sense: 62% believe sustainability is important for business performance now, and 85% expect it to be crucial by 2025.
  • Regulation and Ethical Imperative: The climate emergency and regulations (such as the EU’s corporate sustainability reporting directive) drive sustainability initiatives.
  • Supplier Influence: 95% say their company’s sustainability goals impact supplier choice.

Challenges and Expectations:

  • Data Clarity Needed: Only 31% are extremely satisfied with sustainability information provided by suppliers.
  • Cost Challenges: While 80% are willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products, cost remains a challenge for organizations aiming to reduce environmental impact.

Accelerated Strategies:

  • Global Momentum: 77% of organizations are accelerating sustainability strategies (81% in Germany, 84% in the US).
  • Product Selection Criteria: Sustainable consumables, device energy efficiency, and product longevity top the list.
  • Vendor Clarity: Vendors must offer clearer sustainability data to maintain competitiveness.

In summary, sustainability is no longer an option—it’s a strategic imperative. Organizations seek transparency, actionable data, and eco-friendly solutions to align with their environmental goals.

Infographic depicting sustainable printing practices with Pharos Cloud.

Sustainable Printing Strategies with Pharos:

Efficient Print Management:

  • Optimize printing practices to reduce waste.
  • Up to 45% of printed office documents are discarded, costing companies significantly.
  • Pharos ensures documents print only when authenticated, minimizing abandoned printouts.

Policy Print for Smarter Habits:

  • Pharos allows administrators to create policies.
  • Encourage double-sided or black-and-white printing, and deny large print jobs.
  • Informed decisions contribute to cost savings and sustainability.

Beyond Paper: Toner and Energy Impact:

  • Each print job leaves an environmental footprint.
  • Pharos Insights tracks water, CO2, energy, and tree consumption.
  • Set targets and monitor key metrics.
  • Identify digitization opportunities.

See How Pharos Cloud Improves Sustainability Initiatives.
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