On-Premises Print Management

Pharos Blueprint®

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The Leading On-Premises Print Management Solution

In today’s business environment, your office printing must be secure, cost-effective, user-friendly and sustainable. Pharos Blueprint is an ISO 27001 certified platform with a proven track record of helping the largest organizations with complex print workflows and multi-vendor print fleets to manage and secure their printer fleets, optimize employee printing and reduce printing costs.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Based Print Management Solutions

If your organization is migrating core business applications to the cloud, Pharos Cloud is our true cloud print management solution.

Strong Technology + Your Expertise = Desired Business Outcomes

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Improve corporate security and reduce risk

  • ISO 27001 certified platform
  • Lock down your output devices for authorized use
  • Protect information security and document confidentiality
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Reduce your IT infrastructure

  • Flexible print release options enable you to eliminate print servers
  • Private cloud hosting options (AWS, Azure)
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Lower your operating expenses

  • Automatically reduce unnecessary printing volume
  • Reduce resource costs related to print

The Tools You Need to Manage Print Efficiently

  • Multi-vendor secure pull printing (“follow me printing”)

  • On-demand insights into your printer fleet and printing trends

  • 50+ standard reports and integration with other tools

  • Web interface for easy administration and maintenance

  • Simple mobile printing workflows and apps for iOS and Android

  • System health dashboard makes it easy to monitor performance

  • Touchless printing options via proximity cards or mobile app (QR code)

Contact Pharos and discover how much you could save on office printing, starting today. We will help you create more mindful print users and a more secure and efficient print infrastructure.

Commitment & Trust

“Pharos puts their customers and employees first with a deep trust. They are always seeking innovation to improve the success of their customers and partners.”

Simple User Experience

“I can’t believe how much fun printing is now! From the Atlanta office, I sent my expense report to the same print queue I use in Massachusetts. I badge in here at the home office and out it comes. Magic!”

Drive Continual Savings

“With Pharos, we were able to establish a ‘mindful print’ culture and drive costs down continually—$16 million and counting. Banner wouldn’t be where we are today without Pharos and the Print Smart team.”

Optimize Print with Pharos

Learn more about how to simplify print security, increase IT productivity, and cut waste with Pharos Cloud. Schedule a meeting with us today.

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