Reduce IT Burden by Relying on Pharos

Free up your IT staff and maximize your Pharos investment with Pharos Services by relying on the print management experts who designed your Pharos system. Pharos offers three types of services:


Optimization Services

Pharos optimizes the print environment to achieve significant cost savings

Professional Services

Pharos provides deployment, implementation, and training to help realize the value of Pharos solutions quickly

Operational Services

Pharos manages the day-to-day print operations and keeps it running efficiently

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Get your Pharos solutions up and running quickly

Pharos’ Professional Services help realize the value of your Pharos solutions sooner by leveraging Pharos to deploy, implement, and train.

  • Solution Delivery: Pharos prepares your organization for Pharos Systems and deploys, upgrades, or migrates your Pharos system
  • Training: Pharos provides comprehensive training to empower your team to be fully sufficient
  • Ongoing Services: Pharos improves your system by enabling and implementing new features and workflows as needs change
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Rely on Pharos for day-to-day system administration

Managing day-to-day print operations takes up critical in-house resources. Pharos’ Operational Services free up your IT staff for more strategic initiatives by relying on Pharos to provide System Administration services. Pharos will:

  • Run through checklist of activities on regular basis
  • Conduct preventative maintenance and patch Pharos software
  • Coordinate server and print infrastructure updates
  • Liaison with Pharos support to resolve issues
  • Provide regular reporting to enable informed decisions driving efficiency and reduced costs
  • Ensure the system is secure, up to date, backed-up and fault-tolerant, and prepared to meet your needs of tomorrow to minimize costly system disruptions

Download the Blueprint Operational Services Brochure (PDF)
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Streamline to unlock efficiency and reduce costs

Pharos’ Optimization Services leverage our expertise and real-world experience to optimize your print environment.

  • Fleet Optimization: Unlock cost savings by right-sizing and right-featuring your print fleet and deploying to optimal locations based on your desired state
  • Print Reduction: Reduce overall print volumes by uncovering and eliminating outdated paper-intensive processes and changing wasteful printing habits
  • Secure Print Adoption: Maximize your investment to enhance security and reduce waste with a Change Management program driving acceptance and adoption of Secure Print
  • Print Data Integrity: Enable intelligent and informed decisions about your print ecosystem by cleansing print data

Download the Optimization Services Brochure (PDF)

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