Employee Print Cost

  • High-level guesstimate of enterprise print costs and print activity

  • Separate dashboards for each office, and/or device manufacturer

  • Reactive, after-the-fact implementation of changes to control costs

With Pharos Insights

  • Granular details about where, when and how print costs arise across the entire organization

  • A singular, comprehensive view of enterprise-wide print operations

  • Quickly identify outliers and top cost-producing users and devices

What does a Print Audit with Pharos Insights look like?

Join forward-thinking companies in streamlining infrastructure, bolstering security, and catering to a mobile workforce.

By migrating your print operations to a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud platform, you can simplify print driver management and eliminate the need for on-premises print servers.

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Measure and Manage the Cost of Printing

Take control of one of your largest uncontrolled expense categories and optimize your print environment.

Intuitive Dashboards

Quickly visualize key metrics with intuitive dashboards, and allow administrators to drill down to job-level details.

Enterprise-wide Fleet Analytics

Maintain a more efficient fleet and identify under- or over-utilized devices with a comprehensive view on operating costs for all the print devices across your organization.

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View Granular, Job-level Details

Gain clarity on individual users, devices, and print jobs to identify outliers and opportunities for optimization.

Simple-to-Deploy and Easy-to-Use

Quickly understand your print operations–Dashboards help visualize your key metrics, and allow administrators to drill down to individual devices, users, and print jobs.


Rapid Deployment

Achieve total enterprise-wide fleet awareness in as little as 1 hour.

Automatically Discover Devices

Automatically discover and populate new printers added to the network within Pharos Cloud.

Create Custom Views

Improve usability by creating personalized views that include only data relevant to you, organized in a manner that’s intuitive to you.

My recommendation? Whatever Pharos says, do it.

“It’s surprisingly easy to identify savings opportunities. We are now driving volume to the most cost-effective devices and saving a ton of money.”  

My recommendation? Whatever Pharos says, do it.

“I learned more in 45 minutes with Pharos Insights than I did in six months of working with a print management consultant.”  

How Our Customers Use Pharos Insights

Explore a few common dashboard modules that help organizations measure
and control the cost of print.


Employee Print Cost

Set a target cost per employee and monitor performance over time.


Volume of Color Printing

Color printing is 3x-5x more expensive than greyscale – ensure that color prints are produced only when it’s necessary.



Drill down into areas where usage and costs fall outside of expected variability.

What could you accomplish with more insight?

The Print Monitoring Software Technology Behind Pharos Insights

How are Print
Analytics Obtained?

Device Scout is deployed onto servers and captures print device metrics such as toner, meters, device status. Print Scout is typically deployed on workstations, capturing user and print job information.

What Data is collected?

Once installed, Device Scout and Print Scout collect comprehensive, detailed information about each print job, including who submitted it, when it was submitted, which print device was used, and so on.

This information is sent to Pharos Cloud for print reporting.

Pharos Insights Print Analytics

Comprehensive Job-level details to understand print behavior


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Frequently Asked Questions About Pharos Insights


How long does Pharos Insights take to deploy?

You can start collecting data within an hour, giving you quick access to valuable, actionable metrics.


Can you control what data gets collected?

Yes, admins have the ability to choose the user data they collect by region (document name, user name, department, etc).


How much have companies saved with Pharos Insights?

Our customers have achieved up to 45% cost savings on their printing costs with the help of Pharos Insights. Some of the biggest savings has been reducing color print volumes.


Can I customize how my Pharos Insights views, or is there a universal, preset view?

Yes, you can create custom views in Pharos Insights, which enables you to decide which data you want to surface according to what’s most relevant. You can also organize data to match your workflow, making it easier to manage and intuitive.