Pharos Cloud Combines Cloud Technology and Employee Education to Reduce Printing Costs


unnecessary printing expenses, from ink to infrastructure


the print environment to prevent compromised data


key print metrics in detail and optimize your environment

What Our Customers Say

“Pharos provides experts and industry-leading ideas and processes to organizations like Banner Health who do not have the time or expertise in the [print management] space.”

Old Way

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    Expensive, time-intensive on-premises infrastructure

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    Any employee can print anything (including full-color emails and web pages)

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    Uncontrolled expenses related to printing

With Pharos Cloud

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    Eliminate costly and time-consuming maintenance of on-premises print servers

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    Institute specific policies per user or department, and prevent wasted print jobs by requiring authentication

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    Utilize comprehensive, granular print analytics that identify outliers and pinpoint opportunities for cost reduction

Eliminate Print Infrastructure to Drive IT Productivity with Pharos Cloud

Alleviate the IT burden of managing print servers, vendor print drivers and print queues

  • Move Print to the Cloud

    Pharos offers a cloud-native solution proven to meet the security, scalability, and high-availability requirements of the largest enterprises.

  • Reduce Help Desk Calls

    Reduce user frustration and Help Desk calls with an intuitive and consistent user experience across platforms to all printers—regardless of manufacturer.

  • Support Across Devices and Locations

    Support for mobile and remote print workflows enable your hybrid workforce to print securely and easily.

Educate Users and Increase Accountability

Improve employee printing habits and easily recover print costs

  • Controlled Expenses

    Set quotas and accurately and easily charge back print and copy expenses to users, departments, and external systems.

  • Implement a Waste-less Mindset

    Educate and inform employees on responsible printing habits and enforce organizational policies at the point of print submission.

  • Print – Authenticate – Release

    Utilize secure print workflows to reduce waste and abandoned print jobs. The job prints only after the user authenticates at the printer.

  • Full Color for Everyone?

    Reduce toner consumption by 25-35% with Pharos – without compromising print quality – by setting toner savings rules for users and groups.

Find the Insights You Need to Drive Down Costs

Comprehensive reporting and analytics identify opportunities to save money

  • Modern, Intuitive Dashboards

    Pharos Cloud’s dashboards visualize the key metrics of your print environment and enable you to drill down into individual printers, users, and print jobs for more granularity.

  • Fleet Analytics

    Maintain a more efficient fleet and identify underutilized devices with fleet analytics that provide a comprehensive view on device volumes, consumables, and operating costs for all the print devices across your organization.

  • Outliers

    Identify outliers and opportunities for optimization with comprehensive print analytics providing job-level details to help understand how and where prints are being created across the organization.

Cloud Infrastructure Has Many Benefits

Apply them to your print ecosystem


Minimal up-front investment


Subscription pricing model


Automatic software updates


Effortless scalability


No print servers to manage


Simple configuration

Optimize Print with Pharos

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