Simplify Print Management by Migrating to the Cloud

Companies are migrating key systems and applications to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, enhance security, and support an increasingly mobile workforce. You can do the same by making print part of your cloud ecosystem.


infrastructure and simplify print driver management


print workflows and enhance document security


your workforce, whether they are in the office, at home, or working-from-anywhere

Old Way

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    Ongoing maintenance of on-premises print servers

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    Help Desk calls to support printing

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    Decentralized print operations with limited visibility across department and locations

With Pharos Cloud

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    No more print server updates

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    Intuitive print workflows and a single IPP print driver providing a consistent print experience across printer devices reduces user training and Help Desk time

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    Enterprise-wide visibility of office printing across departments and locations

Reconfigure Your Print Infrastructure to Drive IT Productivity

Alleviate the IT burden of managing print servers, vendor print drivers and print queues.

  • An Alternative to Print Servers

    With a cloud-based platform, you eliminate the upfront costs and time spent maintaining and upgrading on-site print servers.

  • Simplified Print Driver Management

    Pharos’ “universal” print driver provides a consistent print experience to the multi-vendor fleet. In addition, Pharos Direct Print supports manufacturers’ drivers, and makes it easy for your employees to print by automatically adding or removing print queues based on the location of their workstation.

Protect Your Company with a Print Ecosystem in the Cloud

Too often, organizations and cybersecurity departments don’t give their printing environment proper attention.

  • Cloud Printing Enhances Security

    On-premises print servers are an often-times overlooked security vulnerability – moving print to the cloud helps you remove this attack vector.

  • Secure Print Workflows

    Printed documents can contain sensitive company, customer, and/or employee information. Prevent sensitive information from being left unattended and getting into the wrong hands with secure print workflows that require authentication before a print job is released.

  • Encryption from End to End

    Secure the entire printing process with end-to-end encryption using the latest industry standards and deliver secure cloud printing with an architecture supporting NIST’s zero-trust principles.

Support Your Team, Wherever They Work

Migrating print to the cloud allows organizations to better support their increasingly mobile and remote workforce.

  • Easily Manage Your Changing Work Environment

    A cloud platform enables your workforce to print—whether they work at home, in the office or anywhere in between.

  • Scalable Print Management

    Cloud-based platforms enable administrators to manage their entire print and MFP scan operations from a web browser to easily secure devices, create and manage print policies, monitor fleet status, and view comprehensive analytics.

  • Consistent Experience Across Platforms

    With a cloud print management system, your team can enjoy an intuitive and consistent experience across various platforms to any print device.

Cloud Infrastructure Has Many Benefits

Apply them to your print ecosystem


Minimal up-front investment


Subscription pricing model


Automatic software updates


Effortless scalability


No print servers to manage


Simple configuration

Optimize Print with Pharos

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