Pharos supports print environments with Konica Minolta printers and MFDs

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Konica Minolta copy machines, printers, and multifunction printers utilize Pharos functionality to enhance security in organizations everywhere. Colleges and corporations with Konica Minolta print devices enjoy intuitive printing experiences, increased document security, and streamlined printing environments.

Printer usage is restricted to authorized personnel via the usage of proximity cards or login credentials. Konica Minolta print devices have been proven to reduce print waste, thus reducing associated costs. In addition to this, Pharos equipped systems can control print operations on a granular level, allowing for improved print environments.

konica minolta printers
  • Reduce costs.

  • Print intuitively.

  • Enhance security.

  • Optimize your environment.


What Pharos solutions support Konica Minolta devices

Pharos Cloud (Beacon)Blueprint, and Uniprint all support Konica Minolta devices


Can you lock down individual features (scan/copy/fax) on Konica Minolta MFDs?

Admins have the ability to enable public access to Copy and Scan capabilities on KM MFDs.

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