Uniprint 9.1 Service Pack 3 Now Available!

We are happy to announce the latest update to Uniprint 9.1! This update provides new Chromebook support for customers who are currently using Google Cloud Print (GCP), which Google is retiring in December.

Customers planning to phase out GCP but still support Chromebook printing now have the flexibility to transition to the new solution any time before the end of the year. The update does not interfere with the existing Pharos GCP service; that will continue to work as long as the Google Cloud Print service is active. With this update, site administrators point users to the Pharos Chrome Print extension in Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Users simply install the extension and enter their school’s server name, which is provided by the site administrator. From that point forward, students print as they normally do. The Pharos development team worked closely with Google to help ensure a seamless and secure transition away from GCP.

Service Pack 3 also adds support for our new touchless printing option, which will be available via our updated mobile app later this summer. This important new feature makes it easy for site administrators to provide touchless printing workflows for students and staff who prefer not to touch printer control panels, to reduce their exposure to shared surfaces.

The touchless printing workflow is simple, fast, and fun: people use the Pharos Print app (iOS and Android) to scan a QR code affixed to the printer. Users can manage the print jobs in their queue and confirm or change job details right from their mobile device—without ever making contact with the printer interface. Site administrators can also customize the QR codes with their school’s brand.

Complete documentation for this release is available here.

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