Pharos Cloud Release

New products from Pharos migrate direct-to-printer workflows to the cloud, and provide visibility and control over employees’ at-home printing.


  • New Pharos Direct Print eliminates print servers and migrates print infrastructure to the cloud
  • New Pharos Print-at-Home provides visibility and control over employees’ at-home printing
  • New capabilities enable organizations to reduce print costs and adhere to local data privacy and data sovereignty requirements
  • Pharos Beacon platform is now Pharos Cloud

WEST HENRIETTA, NY, March 16, 2022 – Pharos Systems International, a leading cloud services and technology company specializing in print management software and solutions, has expanded its cloud-based print management platform for large enterprises with Pharos Direct Print and Pharos Print-at-Home.

Pharos Direct Print enables organizations to migrate their in-office print infrastructure to the cloud and eliminate the hassle of vendor driver management. Employees print in a way they are familiar with—select the printer, and the documents are printed immediately—but in a way that enhances security and doesn’t require the complex IT administration associated with on-premises infrastructure.

Pharos Print-at-Home addresses the challenges companies face with their remote and hybrid workforces. Remote employees often print from their work computers to personal printers on their home network with little company oversight. Pharos Print-at-Home gives companies visibility and control over their employees’ at-home printing—with or without VPN. Pharos’ universal driver makes it easy for employees to discover and print securely to personal printers on their home network—regardless of manufacturer—and reduces Help Desk time supporting unfamiliar personal printers.

This latest release also enhances the print management capabilities of Pharos Cloud. New capabilities help global organizations adhere to local data privacy and data sovereignty requirements by managing what data is collected and where it is stored with a single tenant. In addition, the new Policy Print capability enables organizations to reduce printing costs by defining and enforcing company print policies.

“Pharos Direct Print and Pharos Print-at-Home complement the comprehensive print analytics of Pharos Insights and secure print workflows of Pharos Secure Release,” said Kevin Pickhardt, Chief Executive Officer, Pharos. “These new products and advanced print management capabilities position Pharos Cloud as the cloud-based print management solution of choice for large enterprises by addressing key printing challenges and enabling their entire workforce to print from wherever they are working—whether at home, in the office, or on the road.”

Coinciding with this release, Pharos is rebranding the Beacon platform and its products to demonstrate Pharos’ commitment to the cloud and enhance product recognition:

For more information about the latest products from Pharos, or to schedule a personalized demo of Pharos Direct Print and Print-at-Home, visit our website at, or call us at 888-864-7768.

About Pharos
Pharos Systems International, a Certified B Corp, is a leading provider of print management software and services that meet the demands of a mobile and cloud-first world. Leading enterprises and educational institutions with complex printing requirements and multi-vendor print fleets rely on Pharos’ comprehensive solutions to optimize their office printing, reduce and recover print costs, enhance security, and enable their increasingly hybrid workforces with intuitive and convenient ways to print. Headquartered in West Henrietta, NY, Pharos has a proven track record of innovation, delivering customer ROI, and exceeding customer expectations since its founding in 1992.

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