Now available: Uniprint 9.2 release enhances user experience!

Pharos is happy to announce the release of Uniprint 9.2! Uniprint continues to be the premier print management solution trusted by higher education institutions and libraries looking to control and recover printing costs while providing students and staff with intuitive and efficient printing options. The new release includes updates that enhance the user experience and security.   

Common User Interface 

Uniprint 9.2 sets the groundwork for a consistent UI and user experience across all multifunction printers—regardless of manufacturer—with the introduction of Pharos Sentry Print, our next-generation embedded platform for supported MFP models.  The embedded Sentry Print application operates as a layered interface above the printer manufacturer’s interface to provide print release and copy services. A consistent look-and-feel and user experience across all devices helps institutions with multi-vendor printer fleets reduce the onboarding and training required for staff—and particularly new incoming students every year—as well as service tickets for IT. In addition, the UI can be customized to match the look and feel of your institution with logo and school colors.  

At this time, the common UI is supported on Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, and Ricoh devices. Pharos is working closely with other leading print device manufacturers to expand support of the Common UI onto their MFPs.   

Touchless printing via Proximity Card 

Service Pack 3 of Uniprint 9.1 introduced touchless printing with QR code release from Pharos MobilePrint™. Uniprint 9.2, introduces another way administrators can provide touchless workflows for students and staff who prefer not to touch printer control panels to reduce their exposure to shared surfaces. On Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, and Ricoh devices, Users can now simply tap or swipe their supported proximity card at their preferred printer, and all documents in their queue will begin printing.  

IPPS/IPP release for secure jobs 

IPPS (Internet Printing Protocol, Secured) has been added as a method of delivering print jobs from Uniprint servers to printers. To further enhance the security of print jobs, Uniprint utilizes IPPS to encrypt print jobs and protect the “last mile,” helping keep print jobs safe from threats, such as sniffer software. 

Chrome printing 

Service Pack 3 of Uniprint 9.1 also introduced Chromebook support for customers looking to transition from the since-retired, Google Print Cloud. Uniprint 9.2 makes it easy to natively print securely from a Chrome OS device or Chrome browser without requiring Pharos MobilePrint to render the jobs.  

To learn more about the full capabilities of the Uniprint 9.2 release, read the brochure and release documentation

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