Now available: Blueprint Enterprise 5.3 Update 7 Release!

We’re happy to announce the latest update to Blueprint Enterprise! Blueprint Enterprise is the premier on-premises print management platform for corporate enterprises, helping deliver cost savings, waste reduction, and enhanced security while managing an organization’s multi-vendor printer fleet. ​Update 7 provides enhancements that improve the user experience and security of Blueprint. Key enhancements with this release include:

Customized Sentry Print experience

Blueprint’s Sentry Print application embeds within multifunction printers to provide a common UI and consistent user experience across supported MFP models, regardless of printer manufacturer. The application operates as a layered interface above the printer manufacturer’s interface to provide print release and copy services. A consistent look-and-feel and user experience across all devices helps organizations with multi-vendor printer fleets to reduce the training required for employees. The new Blueprint release enables organizations to customize the Sentry Print UI to match the look and feel of your organization by updating the default logon screen with your company logo, colors, and custom text labels. A new UI mode allows administrators to control the user interface shown at a secured MFP and choose between the standard Sentry Print screen, MFP home screen, or automatically release documents via touchless printing.

Set pin code Expiry interval

To combat the rise in security threats and help keep their data safe, many organizations have adopted policies requiring employees to change their passwords regularly. When pin codes are used, the new Blueprint release helps enhance security by enabling Administrators to set a pin code expiry interval, between 15-365 days, requiring users to regularly reset their pin codes. When a pin code is within 7 days of expiring, users are alerted via customizable email that includes a link for them to easily update to a new pin code.

Improved monitoring

To improve system monitoring and the supportability of Blueprint, Device Scout has been added to the list of services checked by the Windows Service Health Test. If Device Scout is not installed on the system, the test will pass.

For a complete list of new features in this release, please refer to the New Features Guide (PDF).

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