New Pharos Cloud Release Enhances IT and User Productivity

We’re happy to announce the latest release of Pharos Cloud, the proven cloud-based print management solution with the proven reliability, scalability and security required by the largest organizations. ​Pharos Cloud is designed to help organizations eliminate infrastructure to drive IT productivity, reduce printing costs, enhance security, and enable employees with convenient and intuitive printing—and the latest release is no exception. Key enhancements with this release include:   

Delegate printing for Pharos Secure Release 

Delegate Printing improves user convenience by enabling users to print documents on behalf of someone else for Secure Release workflows. A user can nominate other users (known as delegates) to release their jobs from any Pharos-secured device. For example, a Manager can ask their Assistant—or a remote employee can request a colleague that’s in the office—to print documents on their behalf. 

Enhancements to the MS Universal Print integration for Pharos Secure Release 

The November release of Pharos Cloud introduced integration with Microsoft’s Universal Print (MSUP) to enable secure print workflows for organizations utilizing the Microsoft 365 cloud-based print infrastructure. This month’s release enhances usability by adding finishing options (stapling, folding, booklet, and reverse-order duplexing) to MSUP print jobs.  

Group assignments for Pharos Direct Print Direct Print 

The previous release of Pharos Cloud introduced Pharos Direct Print, which enabled organizations to migrate their direct-to-printer workflows to the cloud. The latest release improves IT productivity by providing Administrators the capability to efficiently manage access to direct printers by enabling or disabling the ability of specific groups of users to find and add direct printers.  

Policy Print Reporting for Pharos Insights 

The previous release of Pharos Cloud also introduced Policy Print capability, which enables organizations to reduce printing costs by enforcing company print policies and educating users of mindful printing habits at the point of print submission. Policy Print supports Pharos Secure Release, Pharos Direct Print. This month’s release provides visibility into the cost savings organizations have achieved with Policy Print by including job data on cancelled or aborted jobs in Pharos Insights for reporting. 

Delete Button in Device Inventory tab 

A new “Delete” button allows Administrators to delete a Print device from their device inventory instead of requiring a Pharos representative to remove the device. A device must first be marked as “Out of Service” in order to be deleted. 

For a complete list of new features in this release, please refer to the release notes.  

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