New Pharos Cloud Release Drives User and Admin Productivity

Pharos is excited to announce the latest release of Pharos Cloud, the comprehensive cloud-based print management solution proven to meet the scalability, security, and high-availability requirements of the largest organizations. ​Pharos Cloud is designed to help organizations eliminate infrastructure, drive IT productivity, enhance security, and enable employees with convenient and intuitive printing—and this release is no exception. Key enhancements with this release include:    

New manufacturer support for secure scanning 

The September release of Pharos Cloud introduced secure scanning capabilities to the platform, enabling users to securely digitize and share documents by scanning to email and OneDrive on Ricoh MFPs. This release adds secure scanning capabilities to Canon (pending certification), HP, KM, and Toshiba MFPs—and provides users with an intuitive and consistent scan experience across the different manufacturers. In addition, Scan to Network Folder has been added as a new scan destination on all MFPs supporting secure scanning.     

Enhancements to Pharos Direct Print 

In January, Pharos simplified the driver deployment and management experience for PCs. The latest Pharos Cloud release makes it easier for users to locate and add nearby printers on Chrome OS workstations based on their location. A new enhancement also makes it easier for Administrators to manage print queues by having the ability to modify and bulk edit multiple print queues at a time (vs. one at a time).  

New Pharos Cloud Status page 

A new Pharos Cloud Status page will provide customers with full transparency into the status of Pharos Cloud by:​ 

  • Displaying real-time status and historical data about Pharos Cloud system uptime ​ 
  • Alerting on scheduled maintenances and service interruptions ​ 
  • Providing updates on current efforts and anticipated results ​ 

For a complete list of new features in this month’s Pharos Cloud release, please refer to the release notes.   

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