Introducing a new way to access Pharos Professional Services

Pharos has a 30-year reputation of providing outstanding customer value. The backbone of that reputation is our Professional Services team. In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, simply investing in the latest software is often not enough to guarantee success. Leading organizations maximize the return on their investment by getting the best to deploy it smoothly and adjust it throughout its lifecycle.  

Pharos solutions are no different. Print is a utility our customers’ employees expect to work when they need it: at any time and all the time. However, getting up and running on new print software, workflows, and features and ensuring they are optimally configured can be a disruption for their busy staff.  

Enter Pharos Professional Services. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of Professional Services, how they reduce the burden on our customers while helping them realize the value of their print solutions sooner, and introduce the Service Catalog—a new way to access services that’s faster, easier, and more stress-free. 

Seamless deployment gets you up and running sooner  

Implementing new technology can be a complex process that requires careful planning, execution, and integration with existing systems. Pharos Professional Services has brought its expertise and experience implementing Pharos systems in complex environments to create a Service Catalog of well-defined engagements that streamline the process. Our teams work closely with our customers to define objectives, prepare and configure a solution, and guide them through the successful deployment or upgrade of a new system. They also assist in preparing the operational processes and documentation—getting your system up and running with minimal risks and disruptions.   

Empowering your staff with Training 

Technology investments are only valuable if your team can fully utilize and benefit from them. Pharos offers comprehensive training courses tailored to your organization’s needs—equipping your IT staff with the skills needed to fully administer your Pharos system through classroom-style instruction that is recorded and reinforced with hands-on use of the system and standard documentation. This empowers your staff to become self-sufficient by gaining a deep understanding of the system’s architecture and capabilities, and the know-how to overcome hurdles and maximize the potential of the Pharos system. 

Respond to changing needs through Ongoing Services 

Every organization faces unique challenges—technology needs evolve over time and organizations must adapt their systems accordingly. Pharos Professional Services allow our customers to adapt and improve their systems as their needs change with high-level health checks and insights into their environments, and enablement of new features and workflows that address their changing needs. 

Introducing predefined services and fixed pricing for peace of mind 

Professional services are often difficult to procure and subject to change and risk. Pharos’s Services Catalog creates a new, stress-free way for our customers to access over 70 predefined engagements at fixed prices. This makes it easy for our customers to identify what they want and engage with confidence.  

Technology investments are a crucial component of organizational success and are often complicated and costly to get working right. Print shouldn’t be. It should just work. Pharos’ Professional Services ensures it will, rapidly and with the least disruption. With Pharos Professional Services, our customers maximize their return on investment and free their IT teams to focus on more critical initiatives. 

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