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Pharos Cloud Education Edition

Eliminate Print Infrastructure to Drive Efficiency

Pharos Cloud Education Edition is a cloud-native solution that drives IT efficiency by removing the need for on-site print servers.

  • Enable IT staff to manage campus-wide printing from a single web console.
  • Automatically detect new print devices on the network and auto-populate them into the Administrator Portal.
  • Reduce the number of print drivers that need to be managed with Pharos’ IPP Everywhere™ print driver providing a consistent experience to the multi-vendor fleet.
  • Take advantage of a regular cadence of Pharos Cloud releases that introduce new innovations and features that streamline printing operations and adapt to changing printing requirements.
Pharos Cloud Education Edition

Reduce & Recover Printing Costs

Reduce and recover costs by holding users financially accountable for their printing and preventing abuse.

  • Set quotas for individual students, groups, or departments, and determine what actions to take when limits are exceeded.
  • Set rates based on job attributes (black & white vs. color, simplex vs. duplex) and accurately charge back expenses to students and internal departments to encourage responsible use of expensive resources.
  • Enable users to bill their print jobs to specific departments, grants, or their own account.
  • Change wasteful printing habits by enforcing print policies and educating users on mindful print habits ​at the point of print submission.
  • Gain critical insight into the printing patterns of your campus to make data-driven decisions that optimize resources and reduce operational costs.
Pharos Cloud Education Edition

Enhance Print Security

Pharos Cloud is built from the ground up with a relentless focus on security.

  • ISO 27001 certification demonstrates Pharos’ ongoing commitment to information security.
  • Supports zero trust security principles.
  • Safeguards print data with end-to-end encryption.
  • Enhances document security with Secure Release workflows ensuring sensitive documents aren’t left unattended.
Pharos Cloud Education Edition

Improve Student & Faculty Experience

Pharos Cloud enhances the printing experience for users by making it easy for students and faculty to print from wherever they are.

  • Reduce training requirements with a consistent print experience across workstations and mobile devices to print devices—regardless of manufacturer.
  • Enables users to submit print jobs from any network to a single print queue, and release at any secured device that’s convenient.
  • Users can easily manage print jobs and track activity history through the End User Portal.

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With Traditional Print Infrastructure

  • Wasteful printing: Unmanaged printing leads not only to high printing costs, but increased waste and energy consumption.

  • Vulnerable to threats: On-premise print infrastructure is vulnerable and needs to be patched and updated regularly. Data leakage through print can also be an issue when sensitive documents are left unattended at the printer.

  • Burdensome for IT: Managing printers, print servers, drivers, queues, and day-to-day print operations is time-consuming and disruptive for IT staff. Not only that, up to 50% of Help Desk calls are print related.

  • Frustrated users: Printing to the multivendor fleet can be difficult and frustrating—whether it’s issues mapping to a nearby printer or the inconsistent printing and finishing experience to the mult-vendor fleet, print is often a leading cause of Help Desk calls.

  • Sub-optimized printing: Decentralized budgets and purchasing across different departments often means that IT doesn’t have a centralized view of what print devices are out there, how they’re being utilized, who is printing what, or what the true cost of printing is.

With Pharos Cloud Education Edition

  • Improved Sustainability: Eliminating print servers helps reduce energy consumption. In addition, well-designed cloud platforms can help change wasteful printing habits by enforcing policies and track the environmental impact of print.

  • Enhanced Security: The ISO 27001 certified platform supports zero trust principles, end-to-end data encryption, and helps enhance document security through secure release workflows.

  • Reduces Costs and Drives IT efficiency: Eliminate costly print servers to drive IT staff productivity and centralize and simplify driver management from a single application.

  • Simple and Intuitive User Experience: Reduce Help Desk calls with a simple and consistent print experience from Windows, Macs, Chromebooks, and mobile devices to the multivendor fleet.

  • Optimize printing on an ongoing basis: Instantly visualize key print metrics through intuitive dashboards and drill down into job-level details to gain the clarity needed to optimize your print fleet, identify outliers, and reduce costs.

Pharos Is Trusted By Universities Around The World

“After installing Pharos, student questions and complaints about printing fell dramatically. This was a huge relief for us.”

Pharos Is Trusted By Universities Around The World

“With Pharos, NIU has achieved an annual cost savings of 40-45% when compared to our baseline. This translates into annual savings of $1.05M per year. This has been a huge win for NIU.”

Pharos Is Trusted By Universities Around The World

“Our students enjoy the ability to send a print job from their dorm room and then go to our library later to print when it’s convenient for them.”

Pharos Is Trusted By Universities Around The World

“With such a positive ROI on top of an operationally stable printing platform that saves us over a million dollars every year, the program has been a great success story for NIU.”

Pharos Is Trusted By Universities Around The World

“I am proud to advance our social mission by strengthening our partnership with Pharos, a certified B Corp vendor…Pharos is above and beyond a print management solution.”

Pharos Is Trusted By Universities Around The World

“We committed to our CIO to save $5 million dollars per year on printing and this was a slam dunk after working with Pharos. Our team’s goal is now closer to $10 million per year.”