Pharos Secure Release Mobile App: Setup

Print from your mobile device to any secured printer—even across networks!

To use the Secure Release mobile app, your organization must have an account with Pharos.

Secure Touchless Printing

Print from wherever you are, then scan a QR code to release and collect your documents in the office. It’s that simple, and you don’t need to touch the printer’s user interface.

Get Started:

  1. Register the app: Launch the Secure Release Setup Guide on your Windows or Mac workstation. (See your system administrator if you don’t see it on your workstation.)
  2. On the main menu in the Setup Guide, select Mobile and follow the simple steps to register your app.
  3. Start using the app!

Now you can print natively from any app on your phone, from any location. Then, when it’s convenient, launch the Pharos Secure Release mobile app and scan the QR code attached to the printer of your choice. All documents in your queue will print immediately, without needing to touch the printer control panel.

Submit from anywhere.

Release in the office.

Optimize Print with Pharos

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Screenshots of Pharos Cloud on mobile and desktop devices.