Quickly calculate your savings when you implement cloud-based secure printing with Pharos

Our support for zero-infrastructure environments means you can eliminate your print servers to save time and money. Quickly determine how much you can save by moving your secure printing operations to the cloud!

Approximate Number of Print Servers in Your Environment

A conservative figure of $4,000 per print server per year is based on Microsoft estimates for the annual cost of a virtual print server. This figure includes OS licensing, resource costs to manage updates and provide other maintenance, plus the cost of application servers.

1 Print Servers



Savings realized by eliminating print servers


Approximate Number of Print Devices in Your Environment

Indicate how many printers you have. If you’re unsure, Pharos Beacon can tell you exactly how many devices your organization is using. You can start here for a demo.

1 Print Devices



Cost to secure each printer per month via the cloud


Estimated Savings / Cost to Deploy Secure Print:


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