Pharos Cloud Enhanced with Secure Scanning

Pharos is excited to announce the latest release of Pharos Cloud, the comprehensive cloud-based print management solution proven to meet the scalability, security, and high-availability requirements of the largest organizations. ​Pharos Cloud is designed to help organizations eliminate infrastructure, drive IT productivity, enhance security, and enable employees with convenient and intuitive printing—and this latest release is no exception. Key enhancements with this release include:    

Digitize and share documents with secure scanning 

The new Pharos Cloud release introduces scanning capabilities to the platform enabling users to securely digitize and share documents by scanning to email and OneDrive. Integrated scanning allows Secure Release customers to easily configure and manage scanning from their multi-vendor MFP fleet and enterprise-wide printing from a single web console. Currently, secure scanning capabilities are available from Ricoh MFPs—other manufacturers will be available in the near future.     

Watch Secure Scan Demonstration

Customize and showcase your brand  

The latest release introduces the Theme Customization feature of Pharos Cloud, enabling organizations to showcase their brand by customizing the Secure Release UI to match the look and feel of their organization. IT Administrators can access a Theme tab to customize the company’s user experience by uploading their company logo, selecting company colors, and adding custom text on the screen and buttons. In addition, invite email templates for Pharos Secure Release can be customized with the company logo. 

Enhanced mobile printing experience   

Previously, authenticating at a print device via QR code scan from a mobile device would release all submitted Pharos Secure Release print jobs. The Pharos Secure Release mobile app has been enhanced to allow users to select which submitted print jobs to release and which ones to delete instead of releasing all of them.  

Rebranded user interface 

Earlier this year, Pharos rebranded our cloud-native print management platform to demonstrate our commitment to the cloud and enhance product recognition. The new product names have been rolled out into the Pharos Cloud platform. 

  •  Pharos is now Pharos Cloud  
  • Beacon Analytics is now Pharos Insights  
  • Beacon Sentry Print is now Pharos Secure Release  

For a complete list of new features in this release, please refer to the release notes.   

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