New Pharos Cloud 3.7 Release Enhances Administrative Control and User Experience!

Pharos is excited to announce a new release of Pharos Cloud, the cloud-native platform proven to meet the scalability, security, and reliability requirements of large, global enterprises. ​Pharos Cloud migrates on-prem print infrastructure to the cloud to drive IT productivity, enhance security, and enable employees with intuitive ways to print wherever they work. All Pharos Cloud releases are designed with these key tenets in mind, and the Pharos Cloud 3.7 release is no exception. Key updates with this release enhance user experience and administrative control, and include:    

New User Management capability 

The Pharos Cloud 3.7 release introduces user management to Pharos Cloud, enabling administrators to effectively manage users and groups comprehensively. Administrators can now quickly identify users and access user information at a glance from the Pharos Cloud web console. 

Direct Print Enhancements 

Pharos Direct Print has been updated to enhance print driver management while simplifying the printing experience for users. Administrators can now: 

  • Manage which print drivers are visible and available when administering a print queue, and select the default driver when creating a print queue 
  • Automatically add and remove print queues for users’ workstations based on their Group (in addition to location)—this makes it easier for users to print to devices they have permissions to use without having to manually map to that printer 

In addition, Pharos’ truly “universal” IPP Everywhere print driver has been enhanced to check printer features when creating a print queue and display only the capabilities that are available on the selected device. This helps reduce user frustration as they won’t see unsupported finishing options. For example, a black-and-white printer will not show color options.  

User Portal Enhancements 

The web-based User Portal for Secure Release enables users to upload print jobs, manage print settings for submitted print jobs, and reset their Secure Release passcode. The 3.7 release enhances the experience with Pharos Cloud’s User Portal by enabling Administrators to customize the look and feel of the Portal experience by uploading a company logo or favicon image, and setting a user-friendly URL that’s easier for users to remember.   

Improved usability for global organizations 

Enhancements have also been made to improve usability for global organizations. Pharos Cloud’s Data Privacy and Regional Document Storage capability enables global organizations to adhere to local data privacy and sovereignty requirements by providing over 20 pre-created regions that correlate with secure AWS S3 locations around the world in their Pharos Cloud account where administrators can configure what data is collected for each region, and users can store their Secure Release print jobs in their region. This release increases Pharos Cloud’s total region count to 23 by adding the Zurich Region. In addition, Pharos Cloud supports 12 languages, and each is now available for Sentry Print’s Custom theming capability to improve the Secure Release experience for users around the world. 

For a complete list of new features in the Pharos Cloud 3.7 release, please refer to the release notes. 

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