Pharos Introduces PrintOps: A Modern Approach to Printing

By: Tim Greene, Geoffrey Wilbur, Robert Palmer, IDC

IDC, a premier global market intelligence firm for the IT, telecom, and consumer technology markets, recently published an article on Pharos’ introduction of PrintOps—an emerging category that represents the next step in the evolution of print management.

PrintOps is a modern cloud-native, user-centric approach to printing and the infrastructure and operations that support it. At its core, the mission of PrintOps is to maximize IT productivity and digital employee experience. It combines people, process and technology for printing that ‘just works’ everywhere – for everyone.

As IDC identified, Pharos has “redefined the role of print management as an element of how companies operate their businesses” and is attempting to change the trajectory of how organizations think about print by defining and establishing the new PrintOps category.

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IDC believes Pharos’ designation of PrintOps as a new category marks an important turning point for the company and for the print management market.