Many businesses still see print servers as a necessary component of their print infrastructure. A traditional print environment that relies on print servers can become inefficient to maintain, pose security issues, and make detecting issues challenging or almost impossible. Such complex environments often consume too many IT resources. IT teams often spend their valuable time solving issues that businesses could have avoided with fewer print management servers.

One way to address these issues is by switching to serverless printing. Eliminating print servers can decrease your IT team’s responsibilities and improve security. In this article, we discuss what serverless printing is and how it can help your company streamline its IT infrastructure.

With these goals in mind, moving to serverless printing is way to modernize and simplify IT operations.

What Is Serverless Printing?

Serverless printing removes the need for a print server that manages network-wide print queues. It allows users to securely send documents to network printers right from their workstations.

Serverless printing also requires less hardware, file storage, and backup server overheads, making it cost-effective.

Serverless Printing Advantages

Well-designed cloud-based print management platforms provide a number of advantages over traditional print environments with print servers.

Eliminate Expensive, Local Print Servers

Businesses have traditionally relied on print servers to ensure reliable enterprise printing. Now, serverless printing solutions allow companies to replace cumbersome print servers with comprehensive cloud technology. Cloud printing makes it easier to connect users working on their mobile devices, from their home office, or while at the office.

Plus, eliminating local print servers and replacing them with a centrally managed printing solution can help reduce reliance on local hardware that can decelerate or even hamper print capabilities.

Eliminate Driver Management and Drive IT Productivity

Think about all the driver and configuration updates required to maintain print servers in a traditional office environment. Serverless printing greatly decreases the time your IT team has to spend managing print infrastructure and handling print-related support requests. With these tedious tasks out of the way, they are free to focus on more mission-critical tasks and projects.

With a serverless cloud printing solution, admins can monitor and maintain the print environment from a centralized location. They can even troubleshoot problems remotely.

Additionally, serverless printing eliminates the hassle of individually managing vendor print drivers with a truly universal print driver; simplifying everyday office printing from the typical employee. This perk means no more hunting down drivers for every device in your print fleet. Instead, the universal driver supports virtually every printer on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. As a result, employees experience reduced help desk time and a consistent print experience on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Support Your Remote and Hybrid Workforce

Remote work environments have exposed employees and companies to several challenges. These include a lack of IT oversight for remote employee setup, providing the ability to print seamlessly in-home and in-office, and offering support in various work environments.

A well-designed cloud-based print platform further empowers remote employees by allowing workers secure access to print services offsite, as well as by allowing them to print without needing a virtual private network (VPN). At the same time, cloud-based printing provides visibility over your workforce’s at-home printing. Your hybrid workforce can submit print jobs from anywhere — even while using mobile devices. They can automatically send documents to any printer on your company’s network. If an employee needs to send a print job to the office from home or print from one office to another, for example, cloud-based secure release workflows make this seamless.

Enhance Security

Print servers have proven vulnerable to attack and have become a major target for hackers to gain access to sensitive company resources.

In 2021, the Windows PrintNightmare vulnerability exposed millions of companies to a critical security threat. This problem meant that one compromised device on a network could result in a bad actor gaining access to domain administration privileges. The result would lead to compromised data and a lack of device control.

Serverless printing aims to eliminate a vulnerable endpoint by removing additional attack surfaces- servers. Instead of relying on different servers, you have one cloud-based intuitive dashboard to manage the entire print fleet. A serverless cloud printing solution allows access to many print devices in different locations while providing IT visibility. Not only does streamlining your print infrastructure save overall operational expenditures, but it also helps improve the security of your company’s print operations.

Print drivers are also susceptible to cyberattacks. If one server becomes compromised, the attacker can piggyback on the print drivers to access client systems. Plus, vendor drivers typically use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is insecure and vulnerable to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks through file replacement and proxy monitoring for print queue configuration. Even if your company uses driver management software, your IT team relies heavily on vendor print drivers that use SNMP.

Another way that serverless printing improves security is by enabling organizations to adopt zero-trust printing. This approach restricts and grants access on an as-needed basis and even separates the print user identity from the workstation login identity. It also validates all communication endpoints (printers, workstations, mobile devices, and cloud) before communication is initiated.

Enhance Scalability and Improve Administrative Ability

A company-wide cloud printing solution means better flexibility, enhanced scalability, and more efficient administration. Serverless cloud printing offers a fast, easy-to-implement print solution that scales as companies grow. Small to enterprise-level businesses can use a serverless printing solution to effortlessly deploy printing capabilities to end users. Want to go from 50 to 5,000 users? No sweat in the cloud.

Reducing the burden on your IT staff through serverless printing also cultivates workforce agility. Web-based administration can manage entire print operations behind a single pane of glass, new devices can be discovered automatically and auto-populated into the platform, and updates can be automated so the entire office is up-to-date with the latest capabilities.

In turn, your company can grow faster and go further. The number of printers you need or how many print users you want to scale up does not have an impact on how cloud technology is utilized. You can adjust individual printer functions or add/change locations on the fly without investing in multiple print servers.

Reduce Costs

Serverless printing removes redundant servers and other unnecessary hardware from your environment. The resulting simplicity reduces network traffic while improving print performance. Of course, less complexity and overhead translate into lower costs.

Even after removing expensive hardware from your environment, serverless cloud printing still provides the control needed to manage document delivery across the network. Streamlining your print infrastructure reduces upfront acquisition expenses and limits the ongoing support needed to maintain in-office and remote environments.

Take Advantage of Serverless Printing with Pharos

Unlike conventional print management solutions, a serverless printing solution streamlines your IT infrastructure by eliminating vulnerable servers. As a result, serverless printing enhances security, reduces costs, improves IT productivity, and supports your remote workforce. With a serverless printing solution, you can empower end users with cutting-edge features and benefits, such as a consistent printing experience and fewer disruptions from down time

To take advantage of these benefits, consider Pharos Cloud. This proven, reliable cloud print management platform delivers secure cloud printing with an architecture that supports NIST’s zero trust principles. Pharos Cloud encrypts information with the latest industry standards, securing workstation-to-printer paths.

Pharos Cloud also reduces the hassles of vendor driver management and reduces help desk time with a universal driver. It adheres to local data privacy and sovereignty requirements so you can maintain strict security and compliance. Print jobs are released after the owner authenticates them at the device. With this workflow, Pharos reduces waste and prevents sensitive information from being left unattended at the printer.

You can even reduce costs with Policy Print. This feature enforces company print policies and educates users on mindful printing habits at the point-of-print submission. Policy Print also helps gain visibility and control of at-home printing. The goal is to help modify user behavior by communicating to users the right way to use print resources. If a user tries to print a job that triggers a printing policy rule, a message will appear with supplemental information about the given policy. Robust print analytics provide comprehensive job-level details to help identify outliers and optimization opportunities. They clarify where and what prints users are generating across the business, allowing you to pinpoint under or over-utilized printers, thereby maximizing fleet efficiency. You can also view print details at the job level to determine cost outliers and workflow automation opportunities.

Want to eliminate print servers and vendor driver management? Request a demo and discover why Pharos Cloud is the right choice for your business.