Pharos to Modernize Campus Printing with Pharos Cloud Education Edition™

ROCHESTER, NY, MARCH 07, 2024Pharos Systems International, a leader in print management software solutions, today announced its latest innovation, Pharos Cloud Education Edition™. This cloud-native platform is poised to revolutionize campus printing for higher education institutions, bringing modernized print infrastructure, improved student and faculty print experience, and enhanced security.

Scheduled for release in the summer of 2024, Pharos Cloud Education Edition leverages the company’s 30+ years of experience serving the higher education sector. The solution will empower university IT leaders seeking to replace their legacy on-premises print infrastructure with an easy-to-use cloud-based application. Education Edition combines the cost recovery capabilities required by higher education institutions with Pharos Cloud, the platform trusted and proven to meet the scalability, security, and high-uptime requirements of the world’s largest organizations.

Pharos Cloud Education Edition, an ISO 27001 certified platform, enables universities to manage, analyze and optimize student, faculty, and back-office printing while reducing costs and enhancing security. With Pharos Cloud Education Edition, institutions can:

  1. Seamlessly transition to a cloud-based print infrastructure, reducing the burden of maintaining costly on-premises systems and driving IT efficiency.
  2. Empower students and staff with the flexibility to print from any location, at any time, ensuring an easy printing experience that aligns with the modern educational environment.
  3. Enable institutions to recover and reduce the cost of student printing.
  4. Elevate security measures and achieve greater compliance by leveraging an ISO 27001 certified platform supporting zero trust security principles.

“Pharos Cloud Education Edition is a game-changer for higher education institutions,” said Josh Orum, CEO at Pharos. “Our new offering for the education sector is the result of years working closely with universities and colleges to understand their needs. Education has evolved, as have the requirements for campus printing and how students and faculty engage with print. Pharos Cloud Education Edition addresses current and future campus printing through a simpler, cloud-based platform that empowers administrators, improves the student experience, and helps institutions reduce costs and enhance security. We’re excited to work with our customers and bring this new education solution to the market. The future of campus printing is in the cloud.”

For more information about Pharos Cloud Education Edition and how it can benefit your institution, visit, or follow us on Linkedin.

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