Pharos Announces PrintOps: Ushers in New Era Beyond Print Management

ROCHESTER, NY, April 16, 2024Pharos Systems International, a leader in print management solutions for large enterprises and higher education institutions, is transforming how organizations think about office and campus print with the introduction of PrintOps. This new and emerging category addresses the limitations of traditional print management while supporting the evolving needs of today’s hybrid workforce and higher education institutions.

PrintOps: A Modern Approach to Printing 

Pharos defines PrintOps as the modern, cloud-native, and user-centric approach to printing and its supporting infrastructure and operations. At its core, the mission of PrintOps is to maximize employee productivity and end-user experience. It combines people, processes, and technology for printing that ‘just works’ everywhere - for everyone.

PrintOps leverages: 

  • Modern and reliable cloud-native infrastructure that’s agile and scalable
  • Workflow automation and integrations to streamline, connect and collaborate
  • Data and AI to reduce and resolve issues before they occur with actionable insights
  • Widely accepted security frameworks and standards to enhance security

The connectivity and dynamic nature of future PrintOps platforms will transform how administrators and users think of print—driving IT efficiency, maximizing the digital employee experience, and securing the print environment.

“PrintOps is a timely concept,” confirms Robert Palmer, Research Vice President with IDC’s Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions group. “Cloud migration, the focus on digital employee experience, and the rise of AI are driving the need for a new approach to print management. Our research shows that, by 2025, over 40% of core IT spending will be directed towards AI initiatives. Additionally, 49% of enterprises prioritize migrating print to the cloud.  Pharos is at the forefront of this movement, and PrintOps is a category IT decision-makers should pay serious attention to.”

Drives IT Efficiency

Future platforms will automate manual tasks such driver deployment and minimize downtime by dynamically resolving issues quickly and proactively. Open APIs facilitate integration with existing IT ecosystems and services to enhance PrintOps functionality and leverage rich data to solve issues before they occur—all while providing a holistic view of print operations across the enterprise.  

Delights Users

PrintOps platforms will maximize the digital employee experience with intuitive printing that ‘just works’ to improve the employee print experience and productivity. PrintOps platforms will cater to an increasingly mobile workforce and enable easy printing across networks from their mobile devices, integrate with collaboration tools to share and print directly from tools and applications to improve collaboration and streamline workflows, and leverage AI and machine learning to predict issues and help users if they encounter a problem. 

Secure print

PrintOps platforms will leverage the latest security frameworks and encryption standards to ensure authenticated, authorized access and protect sensitive data as well as streamline compliance efforts to meet increasingly complex privacy and regulatory requirements around the world.

Why Pharos is introducing PrintOps

Technology and the way people work has radically changed over the past 30 years, but organizations are still managing print the same way. The challenges users and IT face remain largely the same. Print management today is not designed for the modern and changing workplace. With PrintOps printing is transformed from:

  • Device-centric to People-centric
  • Time-consuming to Easy
  • Static to Agile
  • Inefficient to Dynamically Optimized
  • Isolated to Connected

“The way we work has fundamentally changed, yet print management remains stuck in the past,” says Josh Orum, CEO of Pharos Systems. “Organizations grapple with the same challenges – managing printers, print servers, print drivers, and users. Managing print is a disruption that consumes IT resources. Printing is also all too often a bad experience for end users as they struggle with drivers and driver updates, inconsistent print experiences across a multi-vendor printer fleet, working remotely, and finding printers as they move between office locations. PrintOps addresses these issues directly, aligning print management with today’s dynamic environment.”

The Future of Print is PrintOps

PrintOps empowers businesses to embrace a future of seamless, secure, and user-friendly printing. To learn more about PrintOps and how it can transform your organization, visit our webpage, What is PrintOps

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