Organizations worldwide have adopted the use of Pharos enabled Xerox technology. Xerox’s copiers, MFds, and printers are integrated with Pharos management solutions to enable secure printing via authentication services.

Corporations and institutions of higher learning use Xerox and Pharos to diminish costs, improve security practices, and improve user experience by managing daily print operations, ensuring safe and intuitive printing methods, and relaying actionable information to enhance your print environment.

Users need only use a proximity card or login credentials at the device to gain access to their job queue and securely print their documents. This security diminishes printing waste and cost, and protects document confidentiality.

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Pharos & Xerox FAQs

Model NameBlueprint / Uniprint (iMFP)Pharos Cloud / Blueprint (Sentry Print)
AltaLink B8045

AltaLink B8055

AltaLink B8065

AltaLink B8075

AltaLink B8090

AltaLink B8145

AltaLink B8155

AltaLink B8170

AltaLink C8030

AltaLink C8035

AltaLink C8045

AltaLink C8055

AltaLink C8070

AltaLink C8130

AltaLink C8135

AltaLink C8145

AltaLink C8155

AltaLink C8170

ColorQube 8700

ColorQube 8900

ColorQube 9201

ColorQube 9202

ColorQube 9203

ColorQube 9301

ColorQube 9302

ColorQube 9303


VersaLink B400

VersaLink B405

VersaLink B600

VersaLink B605

VersaLink B610

VersaLink B615

VersaLink B7025

VersaLink B7030

VersaLink B7035

VersaLink B7125H

VersaLink C400

VersaLink C405 DN

VersaLink C500

VersaLink C505

VersaLink C600

VersaLink C605

VersaLink C7000

VersaLink C7020

VersaLink C7025

VersaLink C7030

VersaLink C8000

VersaLink C9000

WorkCentre 3655

WorkCentre 5325

WorkCentre 5330

WorkCentre 5335

WorkCentre 5632

WorkCentre 5638

WorkCentre 5645

WorkCentre 5655

WorkCentre 5665

WorkCentre 5675

WorkCentre 5687

WorkCentre 5775

WorkCentre 5790

WorkCentre 5845

WorkCentre 5855

WorkCentre 5865

WorkCentre 5875

WorkCentre 5890

WorkCentre 5945

WorkCentre 5955

WorkCentre 6655

WorkCentre 7120

WorkCentre 7125

WorkCentre 7220

WorkCentre 7225

WorkCentre 7232

WorkCentre 7242

WorkCentre 7425

WorkCentre 7428

WorkCentre 7435

WorkCentre 7525

WorkCentre 7530

WorkCentre 7535

WorkCentre 7545

WorkCentre 7556

WorkCentre 7655

WorkCentre 7665

WorkCentre 7675

WorkCentre 7755

WorkCentre 7765

WorkCentre 7775

WorkCentre 7830

WorkCentre 7835

WorkCentre EC7836

WorkCentre 7845

WorkCentre 7855

WorkCentre EC7856

WorkCentre 7970

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