Uniprint 9.1 Print Center Update 4.4.5

Print Center updates are cumulative. This update includes the previously released Print Center 4.0.4 plus new fixes and improvements since Service Pack 1.

Before You Start


The update affects the Print Center and should be applied to all machines running the Pharos API Service and Print Center Web components.

The Print Center is offered as an update via the Updater Service. For servers with access to the Internet, the update is automatically available via the Updater Service context in Pharos Administrator.

To apply the update on servers which do not have access to the Internet:

  1. Download the latest PrintCenter update zip file, available here
  2. Check the file has not been 'blocked' during the download, and then unzip the file.
  3. Copy the Uniprint.PrintCenter. file (included in the zip file) and paste into the following location on the Principal Server (the server hosting the Pharos Database Service):
  4. Note: Copying the package file onto the Principal Server will make the package available to all Pharos API Servers on the site. If you are unable to copy the package to the Principal Server, then it will need to be copied to the same ..\cache-v2.0\ location on each Server where the Pharos API is installed.
  5. Open the Pharos Administrator application and access the Updater Service context under System.
  6. The Print Center package should now be listed as an update for all Print Center/Pharos API machines.
  7. Click to Download, and then Install the package on all Pharos API Servers.

Note: If you have the Print Center Web component installed on a separate ARR web server, you will need to manually update the Web Server component to complete this update. To do so, copy the Print Center MSI installer from the Pharos\Bin folder on the Pharos API server to the Pharos\Bin folder on the ARR server. Then run the MSI on the ARR server.

The application of this update constitutes acceptance of the conditions specified in your license agreement. To view the license agreement, please refer to the license.rtf file on your Pharos CD.


This update addresses the following issues:

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