Uniprint 9.0R2 Pharos Remote Revision 157

This update addresses known problems with Uniprint 9.0R2.

Before You Start


The update affects Pharos Remote and should be applied to all Pharos Remote machines.

To apply the update:

  1. On each Pharos Remote machine, close the Pharos Remote application.
  2. Run the supplied RemoteInstaller.exe executable.
  3. The version number of the PharosSystems.Remote.dll file in the Pharos\Bin folder will now be 9.0.8959.157.
  4. Restart the Pharos Remote application.
  5. If Pharos Administrator is installed on the same machine as Pharos Remote, Pharos Administrator should also be updated.

To update the locally held copy of the Pharos Remote Installer:

The file version of the new Installer is 9.0.8959.157.

The application of this update constitutes acceptance of the conditions specified in your license agreement. To view the license agreement, please refer to the license.rtf file on your Pharos CD.


This update addresses the following issues:

In addition, the update includes previously released features and fixes, as follows:

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