Uniprint 8.4 Popup Client Installer Revision 151

This update addresses known problems with Uniprint 8.4. Installing the update is mandatory for all users.

Before You Start


The update affects the Popup Client Package Installer, and should be applied to all machines where Pharos Administrator is installed (as this is where the Package Installer is created).

To apply the update:

  1. On each Pharos Administrator machine, copy the following files to the Pharos\bin\PackageCreator\StaticModules folder.
  2. The version number of the above executable files will now be 8.4.7987.151.
  3. In Pharos Administrator, in the Package Definitions context, select all packages and click on the Build Packages action to re-build existing Packages.
  4. Reinstall Popup packages on existing clients or, if the Automatic Updater is installed on existing clients, allow the Automatic Updater to update the clients in due course.

The application of this update constitutes acceptance of the conditions specified in your license agreement. To view the license agreement, please refer to the license.rtf file on your Pharos CD.


This update addresses the following issues:

In addition, the update includes previously released features and fixes, as follows:

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