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Pharos Uniprint

With Uniprint, we pioneered print management software for higher education. Uniprint is a scalable and robust solution that provides everything you need to manage print operations at your college or university, including secure authenticated print with student payment accounts and faculty/staff chargeback options, browser-based account access and management, library and print lab solutions, and mobile printing from any device, including native apps for iOS and Android devices.

For IT managers, Uniprint provides something critical: peace of mind. The solution suite has successfully served higher education institutions for over twenty-five years, and you can always count on our support to help you achieve your goals.

Use analytics to drive continual gains

The Uniprint suite includes and integrates with Pharos Insights, part of our Pharos cloud platform. Often challenged by a non-centralized IT infrastructure, few universities know the true cost of print across the entire organization, including all students, faculty, and administration. Pharos Insights reveals these hidden costs without requiring a centralized IT infrastructure. The resulting transparency and data clarity enables you to take informed actions that eliminate waste and create a more efficient and sustainable print environment for your campus.

Contact Pharos today. We’ll help you make print the way it should be at your school: secure, cost-effective, simple and sustainable.

Need to secure back-office printing?

We have found that faculty and staff printing accounts for as much as 70% of total print volume at some universities, and this often comes as a surprise to IT managers. Use Pharos Secure Release to secure print workflows, reducing infrastructure and IT maintenance tasks.
With Pharos Cloud, you can:

  • Reduce print drivers and queues
  • Eliminate print servers
  • Reduce security risk and waste
  • Track key printing metrics

Pharos Cloud combines the benefits of secure print workflows with the advantages of the cloud: a fast and easy setup, automatic updates, and less infrastructure to manage. The solution works with most printers and multi-function devices. Contact Pharos today and discover how you can improve security and efficiency while saving your organization money.

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