In today’s business environment, your office printing must be secure, cost-effective and sustainable. It starts with an informed strategy: You need a clear, comprehensive picture of your device fleet and how people print across your organization.

Many Fortune 500 companies trust Pharos and our cloud-based enterprise print management software, Beacon. This scalable solution silently discovers and tracks every device that employees print to and captures print activity at the user level in any print environment—including complex environments that contain a mix and match of printers from various manufacturers.

Beacon makes network printer management a breeze. Employees submit their print jobs to a secure queue and then use their access cards or login credentials to authenticate at a preferred printer to collect their documents. This secure print workflow improves confidentiality, convenience, and information security. It also significantly reduces waste, reprints, and resource costs.

Many corporate customers also engage us for strategic print management and optimization solutions that include both technology and services, tackling print in the broadest possible way throughout the enterprise. Five of the largest US brands trust our on-site specialists to lead their implementation and provide ongoing program management.

The Challenges of Increasingly Complex Network Environments

The high volume of print jobs and different kinds of printers in an enterprise-level system presents several significant challenges. Common challenges that large organizations face include:

  • Documents with personal or sensitive information: When these documents are left at printers, it’s easy for them to be seen by the wrong eyes or fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cost management: Managers must control the costs of operating a diverse mix of printers, including supplying paper, toner, and ink expenses. They do this all while ensuring accessibility.
  • Tracking usage metrics: Organizations track how much each department, team, and user are printing. They also monitor which devices are used most frequently to limit the overall cost of printing.
  • Reducing unnecessary printing: They try to assess and limit the volume of unnecessary printing, including cover sheets, re-prints, printing for personal use, and abandoned documents.
  • Managing printer supply levels: Organizations must track how much toner, ink, and paper employees use and need while both limiting costs and making sure users can print when necessary.

How Pharos Cloud Manages Your Printer Network

Pharos Cloud addresses all of these challenges and more, specifically by providing you with a secure, cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable cloud print platform.

Increased Security

Pharos provides IT admins with a range of security features, including:

  • Data protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Ensuring that communications sent to your print devices only come from authorized endpoints
  • Proactive patch management and regular vulnerability testing

Cost Effectiveness

With Pharos enterprise print management software, you can control various costs associated with printing, allowing you to save critical funds and run a leaner operation.

For example, printer performance monitoring lets you pinpoint the printers that cost the least to maintain. You can then encourage team members to use those instead of more expensive units.

Pharos Cloud also enables you to track paper, ink, and toner usage. These insights allow you to reduce usage and overall cost.


Pharos’ cloud-based enterprise print management solutions empower IT admins with the technology they need to support a sustainability-focused office culture.

Instead of employees leaving print jobs abandoned and unused after sending them to a printer, they can be held in a secure queue with Pharos Cloud. Once the individual is physically present, they can print out the document. This process saves paper, ink, and toner simultaneously.

Scalability for Large Organizations

Pharos Cloud makes it easy to scale your print infrastructure, thanks to the simple process of adding new printers and providing users access. Sometimes, even for large organizations, the most efficient option is to scale down. Pharos Cloud makes that process straightforward as well. You can use the metrics from Pharos Cloud to identify underused or high-cost printers and then consolidate printing around more cost-effective units.

Get started with Pharos Cloud and discover how much more you could be saving, starting today. We will help you create more mindful print users and a more secure and efficient print infrastructure.

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