Print Management Solutions Built for Your Industry

Financial Services

Trusted by global finance leaders, Pharos ensures print security. Jobs are held virtually and released only with user authentication—no unattended documents.

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Chosen by manufacturers, Pharos streamlines print management from one platform. Enhance security, simplify printing, and refine strategy with actionable insights.

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Professional Services

For professional services, Pharos offers streamlined cloud print management. Print securely anywhere, while simplifying IT with no printer servers or driver hassles.

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For tech firms, Pharos offers secure, scalable print solutions. Manage printers effortlessly and use analytics to optimize workflows and reduce waste.

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For insurers, Pharos provides secure cloud print management. Bypass servers, simplify IT, and prioritize encryption with zero trust security.

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For education, Pharos Uniprint offers tailored print management for institutions and libraries. Print from mobiles and use analytics to enhance efficiency and ROI.

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My recommendation? Whatever Pharos says, do it.

“5 years ago, a big change occurred. Pharos focused on the product and their vision in the market. Since then, they have generated multi-million dollar ROIs for us and others and made the digital to physical output ubiquitous and secure. My recommendation? Whatever Pharos says, do it.”

“Not a day went by that we didn’t hear about another cyber-attack in the news. Pharos has been the answer to the security of our printing infrastructure. Our IT team gets an alert every time a printer with a subpar security profile is added to the network; they can investigate, or just shut down and bypass the printer with the touch of a button. On top of that, data analytics and secure release helps us operate efficiently and delivers a strong ROI.”

“I unequivocally recommend the Pharos product. Since getting Pharos, we’re no longer locked into long-term printer contracts and print infrastructure is completely virtualized, enabling me to adjust my global fleet nearly on the fly. It dramatically improved our security posture, closing vulnerabilities automatically before they became issues, and the Pharos Productivity Suite enabled us to dramatically simplify some of our former paper-based workflows, leveraging their AI technology. Deployment was a breeze; and Pharos customer success has been great.”

Tailored Print Management for Your Specific Industry Needs

Migrating Print to the Cloud

Join forward-thinking companies in streamlining infrastructure, bolstering security, and catering to a mobile workforce.

By migrating your print operations to a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud platform, you can simplify print driver management and eliminate the need for on-premises print servers.

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Cybersecurity and Your Print Environment

Three out of four CIOs believe that printers will be an increasing source of data breaches in the coming years, as shown by the recent PrintNightmare vulnerabilities.

Even after action is taken to secure printers, the IT infrastructure (the print servers, queues, and drivers) may also be insecure.

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A+ Print Experience For Remote & Hybrid Employees

Working from home and an increasingly mobile workforce are critical areas of your business that deserve support.

Mobile options support your remote and hybrid workforce by providing them intuitive and convenient ways to print, no matter where they work.

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Reduce Office Printing Costs

Printing is a hidden cost that many organizations find hard to quantify, which makes reducing them even more challenging.

At Pharos, we help companies develop strategies for a more efficient print environment with software solutions that consider the entire print ecosystem, delivering improved security and continual cost savings.

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Beyond Sustainable Print

As a leader in print management, we make printing more secure, cost-effective, and user-friendly while reducing its environmental impact for many of the world’s largest global brands. With a forward-thinking mindset, we’re committed to providing better print management solutions for the cloud and for our clients with unique needs.

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