Pharos and Sharp work together to provide organizations all over with premier print management functionality. By utilizing Pharos software solutions to control day-to-day printer operations, Sharp machines can provide useful insights to facilitate better printing environment practices.

This information can aid in minimizing operating costs, enhancing user experiences, and improving security practices. By requiring secure authentication, Pharos management solutions ensure that waste is kept to a minimum and that document confidentiality is upheld. These factors all contribute to an all-around better printing workflow for the entire organization. These improvements translate to reductions in printing wastes and the costs that accompany them.

Sharp printers, copy machines, and MFDs are kept secure by authorization systems set in place by Pharos software. These authorization systems rely on proximity cards and login information to verify that users are authorized to use printer functionality, reducing waste and unnecessary printer costs.

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Pharos & Sharp FAQs

Blueprint / Uniprint (iMFP) support for Sharp B&W printersBlueprint / Uniprint (iMFP) support for Sharp Color printers
  • MX-B355W
  • MX-B455W
  • MX-M364N
  • MX-M365N
  • MX-M464N
  • MX-M465N
  • MX-M564N
  • MX-M565N
  • MX-M654N
  • MX-M754N
  • MX-M3050
  • MX-M3070
  • MX-M3550
  • MX-M3570
  • MX-M4050
  • MX-M4070
  • MX-M5050
  • MX-M5070
  • MX-M6050
  • MX-M6070
  • MX-C301W
  • MX-3050N
  • MX-3070N
  • MX-3550N
  • MX-3570N
  • MX-4050N
  • MX-4070N
  • MX-5050N
  • MX-5070N
  • MX-6050N
  • MX-6070N

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