KM Printers supporting Beacon Sentry Print

The following Konica Minolta printers and multifunction devices support true cloud secure printing via Beacon Sentry Print:

bizhub 224e

bizhub 227

bizhub 250i

bizhub 284e

bizhub 287

bizhub 300i

bizhub 308

bizhub 308e

bizhub 360i

bizhub 364e

bizhub 367

bizhub 368

bizhub 368e

bizhub 4050

bizhub 4052

bizhub 450i

bizhub 454e

bizhub 458

bizhub 458e

bizhub 4750

bizhub 4752

bizhub 550i

bizhub 554e

bizhub 558

bizhub 558e

bizhub 650i

bizhub 654

bizhub 654e

bizhub 658e

bizhub 750i

bizhub 754

bizhub 754e

bizhub 808

bizhub 958

bizhub C224

bizhub C224e

bizhub C227

bizhub C250i

bizhub C258

bizhub C284

bizhub C284e

bizhub C287

bizhub C300i

bizhub C308

bizhub C3220i

bizhub C3300i

bizhub C3320

bizhub C3320i

bizhub C3350

bizhub C3350i

bizhub C3351

bizhub C360i

bizhub C364

bizhub C364e

bizhub C368

bizhub C368

bizhub C3850

bizhub C3850FS

bizhub C3851FS

bizhub C4000i

bizhub C4050i

bizhub C450i

bizhub C454

bizhub C454e

bizhub C458

bizhub C550i

bizhub C554

bizhub C554e

bizhub C558

bizhub C650i

bizhub C654

bizhub C654e

bizhub C658

bizhub C659

bizhub C750i

bizhub C754

bizhub C754e

bizhub C759

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