Ricoh printers, copy machines, and MFDs service institutions of higher learning and corporate offices everywhere. With Pharos software pre-installed, these devices aid organizations in improving print security and secure authentication practices.

Pharos print management technology is confirmed to lessen the unnecessary printing costs that come along with unauthorized printer access. By limiting printer usage to people with approved login credentials or proximity key cards, Ricoh machines magnify security efforts and decrease costly printer waste.

Students and employees can enjoy greater document confidentiality to go along with the secure printing workflows. These factors interplay to provide an enhanced, highly efficient printing environment experience.

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Ricoh MFPs

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Pharos & Ricoh FAQs

* : Requires Firmware Package_All D0A45586 1.00
# : Requires Memory Unit M37 & VM Card Type M37 to support iMFP for Ricoh 1.5.10
@ : Requires optional “Generation 1” SmartOp panel
! : Requires Java VM Card Accessory

Model NameBlueprint / Uniprint (iMFP)Pharos Cloud / Blueprint / Uniprint (Sentry Print)
Pro C5300s

Pro C5310s

IM 2500

IM 350

IM 350F (*#)

IM 3000

IM 3500

IM 430F (*#)

IM 430Fb (*#)

IM 4000

IM 550F (#)

IM 5000

IM 600F

IM 600SRF (#)

IM 6000

IM 7000

IM 8000

IM 9000

IM C300 (#)

IM C300F

IM C530


IM C2000 (#)

IM C2500 (#)

IM C3000 (#)

IM C3500 (#)

IM C400F (#)

IM C400SRF (#)

IM C4500 (#)

IM C5500 (#)

IM C6000 (#)

IM C6500

IM C8000

MP 2501SP (@)

MP 2553SP

MP 2554 (@)

MP 2555

MP 301SPF (!)

MP 305

MP 3053SP

MP 3054 (@)

MP 3055


MP 3353SP

MP 3554 (@)

MP 3555

MP 4002SP (!)

MP 401SPF (!)


MP 4054 (@)

MP 4055

MP 5002SP (!)


MP 5054 (@)

MP 5055

MP 6002SP (!)


MP 6054 (@)

MP 6055

MP 6503SP

MP 7502SP (!)

MP 7503SP

MP 9002SP (!)

MP 9003SP

MP C2003

MP C2004

MP C2004ex

MP C2503

MP C2504

MP C2504ex

MP C2505ex

MP C3002 (!)

MP C3003

MP C3004

MP C3004ex

MP C305SPF (!)

MP C306


MP C307


MP C3502 (!)

MP C3503

MP C3504

MP C3504ex

MP C401 (@)

MP C402 (@)

MP C406


MP C407


MP C4502 (!)

MP C4502A (!)

MP C4503

MP C4504

MP C4504ex

MP C501


MP C5502 (!)

MP C5502A (!)

MP C5503

MP C6003

MP C6004

MP C6004ex

MP C6502

MP C6503

MP C8002

MP C8003

Pro 8100S

Pro 8110S

Pro 8120S

Pro 8200EX

Pro 8200s

Pro 8210

Pro 8210s

Pro 8220

Pro 8220s

Pro 8300S

Pro 8310

Pro 8310S

Pro 8320

Pro 8320S

Pro C5100S

Pro C5110S

Pro C5200S

Pro C5210S

Pro C7100

Pro C7100S

Pro C7110

Pro C7110S

Pro C9100

Pro C9110

SP 342DN (!)

SP 4510DN (!)

SP 4510SF (!)

SP 4520DN (!)

SP 8300DN (!)

SP 8400dn (!)

SP C360


SP C435DN (!)

SP C440DN (!)


SP C831DN (!)

SP C840

SP C840dn

SP C842

SP C842dn

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