Print Management: Creating a Cloud Migration Strategy

Are you involved in strategic discussions around your “roadmap to the cloud”? The perception that the cloud involves greater security risk is rapidly changing. A major trend is happening now: the adoption of cloud infrastructure to make the lives of IT professionals easier and to eliminate the costs of managing infrastructure in-house. With the advancement of print management technology, cloud-based solutions are becoming a more flexible and powerful option for organizations vs. traditional on-site options.

Cloud print management is here, and it’s time to consider your cloud migration strategy if you haven’t already. In this webinar, we will explore some of the common cloud migration challenges and critical steps to developing a successful cloud print migration strategy. Learn how to take your office printing to the cloud and make the journey secure, seamless, and successful.

Whether you have a plan today, have one but haven’t taken action, or need help mapping out a cloud journey for your print environment, join this session for those key takeaways you don’t want to miss!

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