Why should I migrate my print management to the cloud?

Managing traditional print infrastructure is time-consuming and costly. With Pharos Secure Release, you can:

  • Eliminate print servers and their potential vulnerabilities.
  • Eliminate vendor print drivers by supporting all print devices with Pharos’ universal print driver.
  • Enhance document security by preventing documents from being left unattended at the printer.
  • Reduce waste, as well as the cost of managing your print infrastructure.

Why would I use both Pharos Cloud and Microsoft Universal Print?

If your organization is using Microsoft 365 in an Azure AD environment, Microsoft Universal Print provides an easy way to manage printers via group policy. Pharos Cloud provides several extra capabilities on top of Microsoft Universal Print:

  • Secure printing, including end-to-end encryption
  • A single queue that users can print to, and then release anywhere
  • Mobile printing capability using iOS or Android devices
  • Actionable print analytics to help drive continual savings and optimization
  • Identity management and federated authentication
  • Support for proximity cards, email authentication, and mobile app release

Will any network printer work with the Chrome OS extension?

The Pharos Chrome Print extension works with any Pharos-secured printer, and you can release your documents as you normally would.


Will your integration support a mixed-OS environment?

Yes, multi-vendor solutions are what we do best. Pharos Cloud supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Linux. Currently, Microsoft Universal Print supports Windows. Together, we’ve got you covered.

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