What common challenges does this program address?

  • Risk of downtime to business as usual. IT teams need new technology that won’t result in lost productivity or delayed implementation across the business.
  • Compatibility issues with existing apps and systems. Introducing a new technology that’s incompatible with current investments can cause huge headaches.
  • Risk of productivity impact from investment in new tech. Piloting new technologies and troubleshooting ongoing issues that arise is time-consuming.
  • Resistance to change from within an organization. If users have a poor experience with a new technology, it can make it difficult to move adoption forward.

What credentials are needed to integrate with Microsoft Universal Print?

In addition to your Pharos Cloud account, you’ll need a Microsoft 365 account with Azure AD.


What does it cost?

Nothing – it’s a free extension that enables printing from Chromebooks into any Pharos print management system.


What does Pharos Cloud’s Mobile Print do?

Using the Pharos Secure Release mobile app from an Android or iOS device allows users to submit documents to a remote printer, then securely release them once they’re needed. Just click the Print button on your device from any remote location, and when you’re ready, go to the printer to collect your documents. In addition, mobile devices can be used to release Secure Release print jobs at a device via QR code scan.


What happens to print jobs that get left in the queue?

If a job gets left in the queue, it is automatically deleted after an admin-set period of time.


What HP devices are supported?


What is the difference between Pharos Secure Release and HP Secure Print?

HP Secure Print is the white-labeled version of Pharos Secure Release developed by Pharos and sold by HP.


What Konica Minolta devices are supported?


What Lexmark devices are supported?


What Pharos solutions support Canon devices?

Pharos CloudBlueprint, and Uniprint all support Canon devices.

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