How long does Pharos Insights take to deploy?

You can start collecting data within an hour, giving you quick access to valuable, actionable metrics.


How much have companies saved with Pharos Insights?

Our customers have achieved up to 45% cost savings on their printing costs with the help of Pharos Insights. Some of the biggest savings has been reducing color print volumes.


I’m already a Pharos customer. Do I need to change anything?

We get this question a lot. You don’t need to change a thing. Universal Print is simply an option that organizations can use to integrate their Pharos solution with Azure AD, to secure printers for authorized use and protect document confidentiality.


Is adding direct print devices a time-consuming process?

Not at all. Once in Pharos Cloud, enabling a printer for Direct Print is as simple as checking a box. On the user side, print queues can be automatically added or removed based on the network location of the users’ workstation.


Is Pharos Insights secure?

Pharos Cloud only collects job metadata approved by the administrator, and all data is encrypted. In addition, Pharos Cloud’s licensable Data Privacy and Regional Document Storage capability helps global organizations adhere to local data privacy and data sovereignty requirements by providing 21 different global regions where Administrators can control 1) what print job information is collected for reporting purposes and 2) where Secure Release print jobs are stored in the cloud at rest.


Is this a replacement for Google Cloud Print?

Yes. Google is shutting down the Google Cloud Print service in 2021. This simple extension allows our customers to continue to support printing from Chromebooks.


My employees received a message stating that “cloud printing will no longer be supported after December 31.” Will Pharos Chrome Print require any changes after December 31 to continue working?

No. Pharos Chrome Print does not rely on Google Cloud Print, so the extension works today and will work after Google decommissions Google Cloud Print on December 31.


What are some key benefits for businesses?

  • Easily identify verified solutions. The Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge tells customers that the app runs great on Chrome OS and Chrome browsers – with the assurance they’ll be supported by Google.
  • Reduce risk of compatibility issues or breaks. Partners have gone through extensive testing, so IT teams know they can trust technologies like Pharos Chrome Print and Pharos Beacon.
  • Shorten testing cycles for apps in your environment. Google does the heavy lifting on product testing so that customers can focus on testing specific to their environment.
  • Simplify the change management process by choosing a solution verified by Google. With Chrome Enterprise Recommended verified solutions, IT teams can show value and build a case for increased adoption.

What are the benefits of touchless printing?

Touchless printing reduces the risk posed by high-touch surfaces and enables users to release documents at the printer without touching the device. This is done either by using a mobile app to scan a QR code or swiping a proximity card to release the submitted print job.


What Canon devices are supported?

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