Does Pharos Cloud Mobile Print track usage metrics?

Yes, you can access all the metrics you need to build useful dashboards and drill down to find information on individual devices, users, and print jobs executed via mobile.


Does the extension support mixed-OS environments?

Yes! Pharos Chrome Print works on Chrome OS devices, and it also works with the Chrome browser on other OS systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


How do I know my Chromebook is ready for secure printing?

You’ll see a green checkmark on the Pharos Chrome Print extension when the company URL is set and the employee is signed in.


How does Pharos Cloud enhance security?

Pharos Cloud enables employees to print securely by eliminating print server vulnerabilities from the equation, securing data with end-to-end encryption, and supporting zero trust security principles.

In addition, Pharos Secure Release enhances document security by requiring authentication at a device in order to release print jobs—preventing sensitive documents from being left unattended.


How does Pharos Direct Print enhance security?

Pharos Direct Print enables employees to print securely by eliminating print server vulnerabilities , securing data with end-to-end encryption, and supporting zero trust security principles.


How does Pharos Secure Release enhance security?

Documents left unattended at the print device introduce risk if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands. But in addition to preventing sensitive documents from being exposed, Pharos Secure Release: 

  • Eliminates print servers from the equation, removing an attack surface hackers could use to disseminate malware
  • Secures data with end-to-end encryption
  • Supports zero trust security principles

How does Pharos Secure Release reduce the burden on help desk employees?

A universal print driver providing a consistent and intuitive printing experience across platforms to a multi-vendor fleet reduces user training, user frustration, and troubleshooting vectors for the Help Desk.


How does Pharos’ IPP print driver improve productivity?

Pharos’ advanced IPP driver supports thousands of printer models and provides your employees with a consistent print experience to your multi-vendor fleet to reduce user training and Help Desk troubleshooting time.


How does Pharos’ universal print driver improve productivity?

Traditional environments connect employee computers to the print server and queue via a driver. When a vendor’s driver is updated, IT staff need to update it, which can be especially time-consuming if you have a large printer fleet from multiple manufacturers. Pharos’ “universal” print driver supports thousands of printer models—from low-volume, single-function printers to high-volume, multifunction devices across all manufacturers.

With only a single package to manage, Pharos requires only a fraction of the administrative overhead of traditional driver management. In addition, its common user interface simplifies printing for employees and troubleshooting for IT staff.


How does Universal Print integrate with Pharos Cloud to enable secure printing workflows?

Pharos Cloud creates a single virtual printer inside Universal Print. All users print to that single shared printer object. It’s super simple.

The user then walks up to any enabled printer in the organization. After the individual authenticates (via proximity card, mobile release, or keypad login), Pharos Cloud pulls all of the print jobs held by Universal Print and all print jobs held by Pharos Cloud. The individual’s job list from both sources is presented on the device panel for print release. Documents are then printed from Universal Print and/or Pharos Cloud.

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