A New Approach to Managing Print Servers

A traditional print environment that relies on print servers can become inefficient to maintain, pose security issues, and make detecting issues challenging or almost impossible.

Eliminating print servers can decrease your IT team’s responsibilities, and improve security.

Serverless Printing

Serverless printing removes the need for a print server that manages network-wide print queues. It allows users to securely send documents to network printers right from their workstations. Serverless printing also requires less hardware, file storage, and backup server overheads, making it cost-effective.

Eliminate Expensive, Local Print Servers

  • Replace cumbersome print servers with comprehensive cloud technology
  • Cloud printing makes it easier to connect users working on most devices, in most locations
  • A centrally managed printing solution can help reduce reliance on local hardware
  • Suitable for organizations who want to replace Google Cloud Print or want to explore their options outside of the Microsoft ecosystem

Eliminate Driver Management

  • Serverless printing decreases the time your IT team has to spend managing print infrastructure and troubleshooting support tickets
  • There are no print servers, print drivers or queues to manages
  • Admins can monitor and maintain the print environment from a centralized location

Enhanced Security

  • Print servers have proven vulnerable to attack
  • Print drivers are also susceptible to cyberattacks
  • Cloud print infrastructure enables organizations to adopt zero-trust printing

Why Admins Prefer Pharos Cloud

Managing Office Printing Takes Less Time

Monitor and optimize the whole fleet behind a single pane of glass, and quickly discover how devices are utilized, aging, secured, and more.


Less Reliance on IT for Employee Printing

Self-service applications allow users to easily add printers, print from home, and navigate a familiar, consistent UX from nearly any device.


Quickly Set Authentication Policies

Require authentication with secure release workflows, and prevent sensitive or forgotten documents from being left unattended at a printer


Improve Printer Security and Reduce Vulnerabilities

Pharos Cloud is a secure platform that eliminates the risk of print server vulnerabilities and secures print data with end-to-end encryption.


Track What Matters Most

Toner, Print Costs, Device Utilization, Status, and more…


Pharos Print Insights

Cut printing costs and optimize your printer fleet using detailed analytics about how people print across your organization. Quickly visualize key metrics through dashboards, and drill in for job-level details.

View Pharos Print Insights

  • Monitor Print Costs

  • Detailed Fleet Analytics

  • Quick Setup

  • Manage All Major Printer Manufacturers with One Tool

Pharos Direct Print

Reduce infrastructure and drive IT productivity by migrating direct-to-printer workflows to the cloud and eliminating the need for print servers and print driver management.

  • Simple, Cloud Print Workflows
  • Supports Thousands of Printer Models
  • Universal Print Driver
  • Customizable Policy Print Options

View Pharos Direct Print

Pharos Secure Release

Strengthen document security and reduce abandoned prints with a secure print workflow requiring authentication to release print jobs. Employees can print across networks and to any secured device that’s most convenient, without the hassle of mapping to printers.

  • Require Authentication for Printing
  • Quick Fleet-wide Setup
  • Multiple Authorization Methods
  • Supports Thousands of Printer Models

View Pharos Secure Release

Pharos Print At Home

Gain visibility into what employees print at home, even from locally attached printers.

  • Reduce Help Desk time by providing a consistent print driver experience across manufacturers.
  • Manage the ability for employees to add and print to personal printers on their home network from their company computer without modifying access controls.
  • Prevent remote employees from printing documents containing sensitive information by restricting what they can print.
  • Secure data with end-to-end encryption.

View Pharos Print-at-Home

Pharos Mobile Printing

Print from your mobile device to any secure printer, even across networks

  • Submit print jobs using your phone’s native Print command
  • Fast and simple user setup wizard, with automatic updates
  • QR code release option provides fast, touchless printing
  • Easily track user printing metrics

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“Protecting confidential information is key but the real eye opener was how much we immediately saved on print just by getting rid of our print servers and all the time we used to spend maintaining them.”

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