Support Your Hybrid Workforce

Enable your remote workforce to remain productive with intuitive at-home printing.

Monitor and Manage

Monitor and know what and how much employees are printing at home from their work computer—even to locally-attached printers.

A Consistent Experience

Provide a familiar and consistent experience to employees’ home printers with a universal print driver that supports all manufacturers

Seamless Hybrid Workflow

Provide the same print experience, from home and in the office when combined with other Pharos capabilities.

Drive IT Efficiency

Reduce the burden on IT while supporting your remote and hybrid workforce.

Reduce Help Desk costs

Reduce Help Desk time supporting unfamiliar printers with a universal print driver that supports all printers regardless of manufacturer.

Employee self-service

Reduce IT burden by enabling remote employees to easily discover and add printers on their own.

Self-service employee printing

Enable employees to add and print to personal printers on their home network without providing local administrative privileges.

Enhance Security

Deliver secure, work-from-home printing—with or without VPN.

Zero Trust Security

Enhance security with a cloud-native platform supporting zero-trust security principles.

Manage Print Policies

Enforce company policies on what employees can print on their personal printer.

End-to-end encryption

Secure workstation to printer print paths with end-to-end encryption.


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