Old Way

  • Unmonitored at-home printing

  • Users without administrative rights require IT help to add personal printers

  • Help Desk calls to set up or debug issues with personal printers they’re unfamiliar with

With Pharos Print-at-Home

  • Gain visibility and control what your employees can print on their home network—with or without VPN

  • Employees can add personal printers—even without administrative control of their company workstations

  • Pharos’ advanced IPP driver supports thousands of printer models and reduces troubleshooting vectors for the Help Desk

Key Benefits of Using Pharos Print-at-Home

With flexible arrangements and the increasingly remote workforce here to stay, organizations must be able to support the printing needs of their remote employees to stay productive.

Monitor Remote Printing

Gain visibility into what your remote workforce prints on their home network.

Reduce IT Burden

Enable remote employees to easily add personal printers on their own.

Enhance Security

Enhance security with a platform that leverages end-to-end encryption and supports zero trust security principles.

Enhanced Security for your Organization and Workforce

Deliver secure, work-from-home printing—with or without VPN


Zero Trust Security

Enhance security with a cloud-native platform supporting zero-trust security principles.

Manage Print Policies

Enforce company policies on what employees can print on their personal printer.

End-to-end Encryption

Secure workstation to printer print paths with end-to-end encryption, leveraging industry standards.

What Our Customers Say

“Empowering users to register themselves was key. The setup wizard made it a breeze for us to get started.”

Support Your Remote and Hybrid Workforce

Enable your remote workforce to remain productive with intuitive at-home printing.

Monitor and Manage

Monitor and know what and how much employees are printing at home from their work computer—even to locally-attached printers.


Deliver a Consistent Experience

Provide a familiar and consistent experience to employees’ home printers with Pharos’ IPP driver that supports all manufacturers.


Are You Looking to Support Your Hybrid and Remote Workforce?


What problems does Pharos Print-at-Home solve for me?

Pharos Print-at-Home addresses the challenges organizations face enabling their remote workforce to print. Pharos Print-at-Home allows remote workers to print securely and intuitively from their company computers to personal printers on their home network while providing organizations with visibility and control of their employees’ at-home printing—with or without VPN.


Does Pharos Print-at-Home require a virtual private network (VPN) connection?

No. Pharos Print-at-Home enables employees to print securely to printers on their home network with or without VPN.


What does Pharos Print-at-Home allow my remote employees to do?

With Pharos Print-at-Home, remote employees can easily add and print to personal printers on their home network from their company workstation. Pharos’ IPP driver provides a consistent print experience to thousands of printer models regardless of manufacturer.


Can Policy Print be used with Pharos Print-at-Home?

Yes. The Policy Print capability is supported on Pharos Print-at-Home, enabling you to enforce company print policies and educate users on mindful printing practices at the point of print submission to reduce printing costs for employees’ at-home printing.


How does Pharos Print-at-Home enhance my cybersecurity posture?

Pharos Print-at-Home enhances security by protecting print data with end-to-end encryption and supporting zero trust security principles.


How does Pharos Print-at-Home reduce IT burden?

Pharos Print-at-Home is not only simple for your remote workforce, it’s also designed to reduce burden on your already-strained IT staff. Approved employees can easily add and print to personal printers on their home network without administrative control of their workstations. In addition, Pharos’ IPP print driver supports thousands of printer models—from low-volume, single-function printers to high-volume, multifunction devices across all manufacturers—not only reducing training for employees but also removing troubleshooting vectors to reduce Help Desk time supporting unfamiliar personal printers.


What kind of printers are supported with Pharos Print-at-Home?

Pharos Print-at-Home supports IPPS/IPP and AirPrint-enabled printers, which make up the majority of printers available on the market today.

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