Pharos Cloud
Print Management Software

Pharos Cloud Enables You To:

  • Eliminate costly and insecure on-premises print infrastructure
  • Visualize and understand key metrics of your print environment
  • Protect sensitive documents and reduce waste
  • Manage home-based printing with or without a VPN
  • Print from a mobile device to any secure printer, even across networks

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Move Print Infrastructure to the Cloud

Reduce the Cost of Print

Moving to the cloud reduces costly print infrastructure (and the time to manage it).

Plus, Print Insights helps you understand how much you spend on printing and provides details that help you manage print costs.

Support Your Whole Team

Cloud printing helps your IT team reduce the load of managing on-prem print infrastructure.

Plus, with Mobile Printing and Print-at-Home functionality, any employee can easily print in a way that’s time-efficient and cost-effective.

Improve Your Security Posture

Managing print from the cloud reduces on-premises vulnerabilities.

Plus, Secure Release ensures sensitive documents are only released after authentication by the correct personnel.

Optimize Your Print Environment with
Pharos Print Insights

Comprehensive analytics provide the clarity and insights needed to reduce enterprise-wide printing costs.

Modern and Intuitive Dashboards

Quickly visualize your key print metrics, and drill down for more granularity into individual printers, users, and print jobs.

Fleet Analytics

Maintain a more efficient fleet and identify underutilized devices with a comprehensive view on device volumes, consumables, and operating costs for all the print devices across your organization.

Print Analytics

Comprehensive job-level details provide clarity on where and what prints are being created across the organization to identify outliers and opportunities for optimization.

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Pharos Direct Print: Simple Cloud Printing

Direct Print allows employees in your organization to send and print their documents directly to the printer.

No IT Admin Required

Users can easily add or remove printers using the Chrome extension or the Pharos desktop app.

True Cloud Printing

No more print servers to license, deploy, and manage. No need to update and maintain manufacturer print drivers.

Support for Zero-Trust Security Principles

Deliver secure cloud printing with an architecture supporting NIST’s zero-trust principles.

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IDC Positions Pharos as a Leader in Worldwide Print Management Solutions

Pharos Secure Release: Simple, Secure Cloud Printing

Securely release printed documents with mobile devices, proximity cards, or the touchscreen – all managed from the cloud

Secure, and Seamless Authentication

Enhance security with a secure release workflow that requires authentication at a print device to release print jobs.

Goodbye, Wasted Print Jobs

Reduce wasted toner and paper by requiring authentication before print jobs are released.

WFH, Print from Anywhere

Employees can submit jobs from any network (home, company, cellular, public), walk up, and authenticate at any secured printer on the company network that’s convenient.

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A Secure, Productive Team with
Pharos Print-At-Home

Gain visibility and control over employees’ at-home printing and seamlessly support hybrid workers.

Monitor and Manage

Monitor and know what and how much employees are printing at home from their work computer, even to locally-attached printers.

Reduce Admin and Help Desk Costs

Reduce Help Desk time supporting unfamiliar printers with a universal print driver that supports all printers regardless of manufacturer.


Manage home-based printing with or without VPN, and secure workstation-to-printer print paths with end-to-end encryption.

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Flexible Printing Options with Pharos Mobile Printing

All Pharos print solutions incorporate flexible mobile printing.

Secure Mobile Printing Made Easy

Pharos Mobile Print is the fastest, easiest way to secure your organization’s office printing workflows.

Print From Wherever You Are

Then collect your documents securely at the office.

Support for iOS and Android Devices

Easy self-registration, intuitive workflows, and effortless updates.

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Talk to Pharos About Your Print Environment

Determine if an enterprise print management platform is the right solution for your company, and ask how Pharos Cloud fits with your existing cloud migration strategy.

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