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Pharos, alongside HP, has become a pervasive presence in offices and universities the world over. HP printers run Pharos programs to reduce total costs and enable secure authentication to promote secure printing.

HP technology equipped with Pharos software has been proven to improve UX and aid in the optimization of print experiences. These MFDs, copiers and printers accomplish this by gathering relevant information to deliver insights for improving the print environment.
Authorized users are given the option to either make use of login credentials or proximity cards to view and edit job queues. This allows for reductions in printer waste and the protection of document confidentiality.
HP has recognized Pharos as a key strategic partner and solution provider with the following recognitions:

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  • 2021: Game Changer Award

  • 2019: Customer First

  • 2017: Innovation Excellence

  • 2016: Partner in Quality Excellence

  • 2015: Partner in Quality Excellence

  • 2014: Partner in Quality Excellence

  • 2013: Partner in Sales Excellence

  • 2011: Outstanding Technical Collaborator

Pharos and HP collaboratively serve many corporate and higher education customers around the world. Pharos software is embedded on HP printers, copiers and MFDs to enable secure authentication and secure printing. For organizations with HP print devices, Pharos print management solutions are proven to:


What Pharos solutions support HP devices?


What HP devices are supported?


Can you lock down individual features (scan/copy/fax) on HP MFDs?

Yes, Admins can lock down or enable individual functions to authenticated users such as Copy, Scan, or Fax on HP


What is the difference between Pharos Secure Release and HP Secure Print?

HP Secure Print is the white-labeled version of Pharos Secure Release developed by Pharos and sold by HP.

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