Improve Printer Security with Pharos Secure Release

This secure workflow ensures that the document owner (or authorized delegate) is the only person who can print the document, and it prevents documents from being forgotten and left in printer trays where anyone can access them.

  • Secure Release protects confidentiality and reduces waste
  • Authenticate print jobs with a badge, mobile device or keypad password
  • Pharos Cloud is ISO 27001 certified, supports Zero-Trust security frameworks, and employs end-to-end encryption
  • Supports your existing multi-vendor printer fleet
  • Pharos has spent 30 Years in Print Optimization

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Pharos is the Product that Enterprises Trust

“Empowering users to register themselves was key. The setup wizard made it a breeze for us to get started.”

Pharos is the Product that Enterprises Trust

“I learned more in 45 minutes with Pharos Insights than I did in six months of working with a print management consultant.”  

Pharos is the Product that Enterprises Trust

“It’s surprisingly easy to identify savings opportunities. We are now driving volume to the most cost-effective devices and saving a ton of money.”  

What is Secure Cloud Printing and How Does It Work?

Secure cloud printing (also referred to as secure print release, Follow Me printing, or pull printing) is a feature that allows users to send a document to a printer, but hold the document in a queue until the user is physically present at the printer to release it.

This can help to prevent sensitive or confidential documents from being left unclaimed and potentially seen by unauthorized individuals.

To release a document that has been sent to a secure printer, the user typically needs to enter a PIN or use a card reader at the printer to authenticate themselves. Some secure release print systems also allow users to release documents from a computer or mobile device using a web interface.

Continue reading about secure cloud printing.

Secure Printing is a Better Experience

Reduce IT burden and support your workforce with an incredibly simple and intuitive print experience across all platforms.

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Submit From Anywhere

Submit print jobs from any network and retrieve them at any Pharos-secured printer on the company network.

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Built-in Failover

Built-in failover to direct print workflow enables business continuity as long as there is LAN connectivity.

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Delegate Print Capabilities

Enables other authorized users to release documents on your behalf.

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Secure Scanning

Digitize and automate workflows with integrated scanning capabilities.

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Reduce Help Desk Obligations

Provide users with a consistent and intuitive printing experience so your help desk can benefit from fewer help tickets to manage.

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Easy to Configure

Pharos Secure Release has a streamlined setup process that reduces complexity for IT teams.

Optimize Print with Pharos

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